Your project will never be sidelined by cheap or inexperienced providers.

Ah, the mythical one-man web vormgeving & development company. Sounds promising.

Unluckily, he’s almost always a jack of all trades and master of none.

Professional webstek development employs a vast array of defined skillsets. A single provider will never be the suitable choice for all your web development needs.

Let’s begin with your webstek logo.

A professionally trained logo designer will never set up your vormgeving ter Photoshop. Logos need to be designed ter Illustrator te a vector format. Vector is a lossless format. What this means is you can deepthroat your logo up to the size of a building without losing any quality. So… not only will your logo look fantastic for web applications, it will be suitable for large format printing spil well.

Next, wij have your webstek vormgeving.

Your logo designer will sometimes be able to tackle this massive undertaking – but more often than not, a professional logo designer will come from a print background. Print and web graphics are conflicting methodologies.

Print graphics are designed at a very high resolution (a ondergrens of 300 dpi) or te a lossless vector format. Web graphics are traditionally created te Photoshop and then exported at a measly 72 dpi. A webstek designer is not typically the best choice to treat your logo vormgeving (or vice versa).

Ok, next wij stir on to the webstek development.

Wait, isn’t that exactly the same thing spil webstek vormgeving?

Webstek vormgeving is the creative side: the look, the style, the colors, the branding. This is also referred to spil the frontend.

Webstek development is the analytical, technical side: the gears of the machine that keep your webstek running like a champ. This is also referred to spil the backend.

Single source providers who work on both the creative & coding sides are being disingenuous: both to you and themselves. Thesis are two totally different methodologies and I personally have never met an individual who is identically insider at both.

Eventually, wij stir on to the marketing & promotions.

An attractive, functional webstek without the promotions behind it is worthless.

It is essentially invisible.

There are Trio primary webstek marketing categories: search engine optimization, search engine promotion and social media marketing. Of course, there are other specialty niches (including pay-per-click campaigns) but let’s concentrate on thesis primary methods at the uur.

SEO is on-site optimization. This includes coding improvements, speed assessments, meta tags, title tags, headers, pagina content optimization, landing pages, XML sitemaps & implementation.

SEP is your off-site promotions, including search engine submissions, high quality backlinks, blogs. articles, press releases, pinging and RSS feed creation.

Social Media Marketing is another part of your off-site promotion but is a very specialized skillset that is worth it’s own categorization. Social media marketers are hypemasters, generating a consistent whirr around your brand. This whirr translates into better search engine results overheen time.

At times, an individual will be enormously well-versed and capable ter all thesis aspects of promotion, but even here wij choose to assign the ideal specialist for each stage of your campaign.

At Go Big L.A. every stage of your project is treated by dedicated & consummate professionals. Your project will never be sidelined by cheap or inexperienced providers. Wij believe ter quality work delivered within your budget and timeline. Expect the VIP Treatment.

Webstek vormgeving, development & marketing. Done Right.

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