80 Reasons to be Appreciative

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What Are You Appreciative For?

There are so many reasons to be appreciative. I had a palm with this lengthy list from many friends and family members.

Along the way my contributors and I also collective lots of laughter. Wij all know how significant humor is. Laughter is something wij should all have on our list of reasons to be grateful. Are you aware that laughter helps reduce stress and heal wounds? It does. I wouldn’t kid you.

I am always seeking a way to bring on the sniggers and I usually succeed. Which makes mij very grateful for humor.

A appreciative heart makes for a glad heart. Voicing gratitude to others, not only makes you blessed, but it also fills the recipient’s heart with happiness. Never permit a ogenblik to pass without sharing that you are grateful for someone that makes your heart blessed.

Maybe you can relate to one or more of our reasons to be grateful or you have reasons of your own. Either way feel free to add your reasons to be grateful ter the comment section below, I would appreciate it.

There is Always a Reason to be Grateful

Reasons To Be Appreciative

1. Social Networking and the many friends wij have “met” even tho’ wij might never have a chance to “meet” them. Wij are grateful for them.

Two. My iPhone that’s affixed at my hip! Not literally, but it is.

Three. A job and loving the job is an added toeslag! My students and their appreciation to learn.

Four. Life and being able to feast another bday!

6. My leger, sleep, naps and sweet desires!

7. Pets. whether they are dogs, cats, horses, turtles, fish or bunnies!

8. Sunglasses that aren’t missing or violated!

9. Being a stay at huis dad or mom because you will never get those precious years back!

Ten. Freshly ground flax seed . works better then most prescription drugs do for good health!

11. Cool wives, husbands, mates, children, grandbabies etc.

12. Toenail clippers that are acute enough to get the job done!

13. Warm, fuzzy socks on a cold day!

14. Coffee, iced tea, cold fecali, diet coke, a glass of wine or a slok of whiskey!

15. Candy apples, Apple Dumplings, Reese’s peanut butter cups, Boston Baked Beans (candy), Cupcakes, Sugar Daddies (the candy) and the other ones!

17. Having your personages ultimately liquidated due to an ankle fracture!

Eighteen. Massages, candles and bubble baths!

Nineteen. Dental floss, toothbrushes, toothpaste, water pics and of course the dreaded dentist!

20. A therapist for those who need one and for those who think they don’t need one!

21. Wisdom of the elderly and the memories, photographs and movies of the past.

22. Dishwasher, washer and dryer and Downy Wrinkle Release!

23. iPad, Kindle, QVC and Walmart to shop until wij druppel!

24. Avon cosmetics and the effortless way to purchase online! Fragrant fragrances!

25. MARY KAY cosmetics and the effortless way to purchase online! Concealer!

26. Simplest acts of kindliness!

27. Country Music Award Shows.

28. Our arms, gams, mitts and feet.

30. Technology, the Internet and the World Broad Web! Spell check is a verzekeringspremie!

31. Air Conditioner on a hot day and a Heater on a cold day!

32. EYE CANDY! I think wij can all agree on this one!

33. Clean water and hot showers!

34. MUSIC. all types. music soothes the soul!

36. Lots of love and laughter.

38. Libraries and Redbox! Free, cheap and effortless!

39. Two-ply toilet paper.

40. Autumn days. The cool breeze. The leaves spil they switch color. Thanksgiving Day.

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