I have never felt my safety threatened on or after a date and I feel very fortunate.

My dating safety practices have switched overheen the years. I’m not talking about holding your arm overheen your cup at a party to avoid being roofied. I’m talking about being aware that when you online date, you give strangers access to you. It’s like walking around Times Square wearing a emparedado sign with your life story on it. Not everyone needs to know everything. Ter fact there are very few people who need to know anything.

It is not my intention to scare the holy Jesus out of anyone here. I’m not attempting to waterput you off of online dating ter any way. I’m just suggesting up the online dating safety tips that I use to keep myself safe since I’m at a point te my life where I meet about a stranger a week. How nice is my headlamp by the way?

Te my practice, most online dates are harmless. I have never felt my safety threatened on or after a date and I feel very fortunate. Regardless, I’m ready. I certainly sleep better (so does my mom), knowing I’ve taken steps to online date ter a responsible way.

Going to embark off giant here. It is my opinion that your online dating photos should be used ONLY for online dating. Take a separate set of pics, selfies, whatever and only use them ter your online dating profiles. Want to know why?

Go to your online dating profile. Take your main picture and haul it to your desktop. Run a Google Picture Search on that photo. Attempt not to piss your pants when identifying information about you pops up.

See? Separate pictures. Do it.

This one is pretty much a given, but you truly need to keep spil much individual informatie out of your profile spil possible. Example: Listing your city is fine, listing your neighborhood is less fine.

Most guys aren’t going to walk the streets of Fort Greene at rush hour waiting to bump into you on your walk huis. I’m not talking about most guys today. I’m talking about not providing the other sort of bloke the chance to find you or engage te any sort of sinister stalking behavior.

Yes, you love Williamsburg. You’re obsessed with Silver Lake. FINE! Say those things! Don’t tell him you live there. It’s not his business. Yet. If your online date blossoms into more frequent dating and (gasp!) maybe even a relationship, then I think it’s cool to open up. Ter fact at that point it would very likely be weird not to.

Most online daters know to tell someone that they’re going on an online date. Wij think wij’re safer if someone knows that wij’re on our way to meet a stranger. But truly, what have you just told your friend? That you’re going somewhere (maybe you told hier the name of the caf), to meet a dude (maybe you said his name wasgoed Brad), etc.

That’s not enough! This sounds scary spil shit but you need to give the police something to begin with should you actually go missing spil a result of an online date. Provide the phone number of the person you’re meeting to your friend. Have a post-date check-in time. Listig hier to his profile. Whatever you know, make sure she knows it, too. If you’re taking precautions, indeed take them, okay?

Meet somewhere public, obviously. I’m not telling you need to go to a noisy, crowded drankbuffet, but go somewhere public. Never meet at his huis, or yours. Better still, pick a meeting spot that is not ter your neighborhood.

Some people choose to keep very first meetings brief, such spil for drinks, I personally see nothing wrong with meeting for dinner if that’s what you like to do. The main thing is to make sure there are other people around. A walk te a park is romantic, but save it for a straks date. (It will be more joy when you’re super into each other anyway!).

You don’t need to Facebook stalk every online date. I don’t care if you’ve already exchanged seven emails with them. Don’t add them on Facebook, don’t go after them on Instagram. Just don’t. You have no idea what kleuter of identifying information is stashing te your photos. Again, picture search.

While wij’re at it, check the privacy settings on ALL of your social media platforms. Make sure only people who actually know you have access to your informatie. Do you tweet or use social media professionally? Consider having a separate private account for friends and family.

Google yourself (photos too!). Your online date shouldn’t know your last name (yet), but just te case, get ter there and clean up anything you don’t want online.

It’s not enough to be “brainy” about online dating. You do need remind yourself that you know absolutely nothing about the people you’re meeting. I certainly hope they’re not, but they could be lounging about everything they say to you. They could be posting false pics and lounging about what they look like.

I’m not worried with demonstrating up for a date and meeting someone ugly. I’m very worried with demonstrating up for a date, not observing the boy I think I’m meeting, because he looks nothing like his pictures and is instead watching mij from across the caf totally anonymously to potentially go after mij huis when I think I’ve bot stood up.

Thesis are a loterijlot of what-ifs, but they’re what-ifs I think wij all need to be aware of if wij’re going to meet people ter person who previously existed to us only behind a laptop screen.

6. Optional: Carry Pepper Dump

I know this one is intense, but I do it. I carry pepper dump with mij at all times, it’s linked to my keychain. It makes mij feel safer. If you’re going to carry pepper dump, a taser, etc, I very recommend being trained how to use it very first.

Do not walk huis with an online date. I am guilty of not following this one. On very first online dates, do not let him walk you huis. Yes, it’s sweet and knightly of them to offerande, but they don’t need to know where you live — yet.

Odds are this man is totally nice and well intentioned, and I get that you don’t want to waterput him off. Afraid of being rude? Say your feet hurt, you’re fatigued, anything to just politely hop te a cab and head huis on your own, even if it’s only a few blocks away. Don’t live ter a city with cabs? Drive to your date, separately from him. Not every man you go out with is going to have bad intentions, but this is a good practice to get into.

I hope I toevluchthaven’t downright waterput you off of online dating — wij’ll leave that to the emails from OKCupid dudes, k? Online date all you want, goodness knows I do! Let’s do it securely.

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