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Reimagining Online Dating

For many, the picture of online dating is not an appealing one. Two entrepreneurs are attempting to switch that.

The statistics out there report that one te five people meet online &#x2013, which includes everything from social media sites like Facebook to dating sites like Match.com. But even te this digitalized age, an estimated 80% of people don’t meet on the computer–and it’s those people that the founders of Date My Schoolgebouw are attempting to target.

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&#x201C,Wij looked at why more people didn’t use thesis services,&#x201D, said 31-year-old Balazs Alexa. &#x201C,It has the potential to make your life so much lighter ter the sense that you don’t have to wait years and years to find the one, and you can find them much more effectively and swifter.&#x201D,

Finding a fucking partner &#x201C,more effectively and swifter&#x201D, might not sound romantic. (Actually, it unquestionably doesn’t sound romantic.) However, Balazs said that he, along with his 30-year-old co-founder, Jean Meyer, have figured out a safe and private way for people–specifically those who have attended a two or four-year college– to find romance.

&#x201C,Our webpagina is geared towards students and alumni of overheen Two,000 two and four-year colleges,&#x201D, said Meyer. &#x201C,And because of that, wij can verify that each person is who they say they are.&#x201D,

The exclusiveness leaves out a lotsbestemming of good potential mates but the two say by having access to collegiate gegevens that confirms that a person&apos,s identity, the founders can ensure fake profiles are weeded out.

Privacy is another component to Date My Schoolgebouw, which now has overheen 200,000 users, permitting each member to choose what schools and even which specific departments can access their profile. The idea for DMS happened while the two were themselves students at Columbia Business Schoolgebouw.

“Many of our users say that wij’re a cross inbetween Match.com and Facebook.”

Jean Meyer, Date My Schoolgebouw co-founder

&#x201C,So, at Columbia, the business schoolgebouw is 70% guys, the teacher’s collegium is 80% ladies, the nursing schoolgebouw is 90% ladies,&#x201D, said Meyer. &#x201C,So wij figured out there wasgoed a fat separation inbetween departments–and even other universities. So wij dreamed to begin a webstek, using technology, to help this enormous market of people.&#x201D,

At Columbia University, where the two launched their beta, 40% of the students are now using the webpagina.

&#x201C,The business schoolgebouw wasgoed a big help,&#x201D, said Meyer, &#x201C,not only spil a launching padachtige, but spil a way to access funding and market the webstek.&#x201D,

Meyer, who is originally from France, and Alexa, who is originally from Hungary, both had startups te their huis countries but determined to come to the U.S. to take a stab at its market.

&#x201C,I desired to give it a slok,&#x201D, said Alexa. &#x201C,To begin a venture te the largest, most unified and most entrepreneur-friendly market ter the world. And four months into the MBA program, Jean and I were already working on DMS day and night.&#x201D,

The company is not yet profitable but it has received overheen $Three million ter funding — and Balazs and Meyer are hoping to secure more caudal te the upcoming year to help develop their mobile apps.

&#x201C,Sites like Match.com and E Harmony are dated. Their sites look like they are from the nineties,&#x201D, said Meyer. &#x201C,Wij are a fresh version and many of our users say that wij&apos,re a cross inbetween Match.com and Facebook.&#x201D,

Spil for the skeptics who think online dating is generally scary on the entire, Alexa says their webpagina is worth a attempt because of its privacy and security &#x2013, and that the love factor is not taken out of the equation.

&#x201C,Wij don’t take the romance out of the process because whether you meet online or you bump into someone randomly at a brochure, it’s not how you meet the person that makes things romantic,&#x201D, said Alexa. &#x201C,It’s just helping you find someone lighter &#x2013, and merienda you do, it’s up to you.&#x201D,

What is your beloved quote and why?

Alexa: &quot,Don&apos,t be too timid and squeamish about your deeds. All life is an proef.&quot,

This wasgoed my beloved quote before I very first traveled to the U.S. or even knew who Ralph Waldo Emerson wasgoed&#x2026. It sums up well how I feel about life — and why I am an entrepreneur.

I don&apos,t truly believe te the value of an idea. I believe ter execution and output. The swifter you will produce something, the swifter you&apos,ll&#xA0,be able to tweak it, fix it and understand what you did wrong. Everything is ter doing. Overthinking a product or a concept slightly leads anywhere.

Tell mij the three ways Date My Schoolgebouw is different than the other well-known dating sites?

Alexa: 1. Safety. Every user is verified upon sign up, alumni and students alike.

Two. Privacy. DMS is the only webpagina where you determine who can access your profile, i.e. if you only want 27-35 year old Harvard med schoolgebouw folks contacting you, go for it.

Three. Efficiency. Users set up dates within a few hours, on promedio. It&apos,s the most efficient dating webpagina I know, mostly due to the safety and privacy properties.

&#xA0,Who is your fattest inspiration?

Alexa: A friend of mine, Daniel Schay. He built a company during collegium and sold it successfully. He did all that te Hungary, on a market quarter of the economic size of Fresh York. That&apos,s true entrepreneurship, and whenever I need advice, I turn to him.

Meyer: I would be lounging if I said that Steve Jobs has never bot an inspiration. I think he is, to some extent, the inspiration for every entrepreneur te the world. Other than Jobs, I have a hefty admiration for Xaviel Niel,&#xA0,a self-made man and French entrepreneur who disrupted the mobile and ISP consumer market te France.

Date My Schoolgebouw has a comical side to it that can be joy and amusing. But for many people finding a fucking partner is a serious task. How do you find a comprobación ter the tone?

Alexa: That&apos,s a indeed good question. It&apos,s a hard task since wij are targeting the 18-45 segment which comprises three generations. Wij are enormously serious about privacy and safety, but wij attempt to oscilación it out with a lighter, fresh tone and vormgeving.

Meyer: Serious doesn&apos,t mean boring. You can have a lotsbestemming of joy on DMS and still find this magic spark. Most of our users optie wij are the kind of Match.com and Facebook:&#xA0, Fall te love but don&apos,t get bored or annoyed doing it.

You say you&apos,re attempting to entice the 80% of people who don&apos,t find online dating sites appealing. What&apos,s your spel project?

Meyer: Make online dating joy, addictive and safe. Wij want them to check DMS every day not only because they want to check if this splendid youthful man from Princeton replied to their last message but also because they feel this urge to go on it to procrastinate like they do on Twitter or Facebook.

What is the future for Date My Schoolgebouw?

Alexa: Wij would like to improve the last human interaction that hasn&apos,t indeed bot transformed by technology: relationships. Microsoft, Apple, Google, etc. all transformed how wij work, communicate, keep up with friends – almost all aspects of human life and interactions. Dating hasn&apos,t bot improved enough yet.

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