At the time, there wasgoed only one hair unload that could hold those bangs Four or Five inches tall, and that wasgoed Rave hairspray.

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My 10-Year-Old Doesn’t Understand the 80s

When my 10-year-old daughter sees pictures of mij at hier age and junior, she is amazed, and a bit confused, by my mad 80s style. But, what she doesn’t know now is she is creating those same joy memories that hier children will laugh at – ter about three decades.

While my daughter doesn’t appreciate my dearest things from the 80s, I’m sure other 30 something moms will, after all, this blog is dedicated to Ten things only 80s ladies can appreciate.

1. Jem

Jem debuted when I wasgoed eight years old, ter 1985, and quickly became my dearest Saturday morning cartoon. What 5-year-old chick didn’t want to have a rock strak secret identity te the 1980s? Adding to Jem’s allure wasgoed hier wild, pink hair, star-shaped earrings, and hier best pals, The Holograms.

Miley Cyrus, hier dad, and Disney attempted to re-create some 80’s magic when they debuted Hannah Montana, and at very first, my daughter wasgoed obsessed with it. However, nobody could pull off the magic that Jem created te the 80s and shortly after the demise of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus became a train wreck that no one will recall ter a decade. Jem, however, will live on forever, at least ter my mind, and there is even a fresh movie featuring the 80s glam rocker set to be released soon.

Two. Uncle Jesse (Total House)

When Total House debuted te 1987, I instantly fell ter love with Uncle Jesse (John Stamos). Having a pretty rocking uncle myself, I totally related to the showcase and couldn’t stand against the dark-haired, hilarious Uncle Jesse. Now spil a 30-something mom, I still can’t stand against John Stamos, even when he does those ridiculous yogurt commercials.

I Get it, Stamos is Greek and so is the Yogurt! But, It’s Still Weird

Trio. Rave Reaccionario Hold Hairspray

If you didn’t grow up te the 80s or 90s, you might not understand why Rave hairspray is such a big overeenkomst. If this is true, take a minute and think about the pictures you have seen of your parents, aunts, and uncles ter the 80s.

Chances are the one thing you recall is the hair…BIG HAIR. I had big hair ter the late 80s and well into the 90s. At the time, there wasgoed only one hair bust that could hold those bangs Four or Five inches tall, and that wasgoed Rave hairspray. However, you couldn’t just go to the store and buy any Rave hairspray. Instead, you needed the Rave Extremista Hold squirt. Personally, I preferred the Rave Intolerante Hold number Four. It wasgoed the only formula that could give mij that rock hard, high hair-do that would last all day long.

Four. She-Ra

She-Ra wasgoed the princess of power and an all-around badass, even spil a kid I knew she wasgoed a compelled to be reckoned with. When the cartoon She-Ra wasgoed released te 1985, I wasgoed obsessed. Having three sisters te a house with no brothers or masculine cousins, She-Ra wasgoed a hero.

Everything from hier capability to fight bad guys to hier kick bootie boots wasgoed exceptional at the time. Today, TV is total of positive female role models te cartoons, but ter the 80s, She-Ra wasgoed it!

Five. Sweet Valley Twins Book Series

Sweet Valley Twins wasgoed very first published ter 1986. The series wasgoed a spin-off from Sweet Valley High and created by Frances Pascal. When I wasgoed 9 or Ten years old, I realized that I wasgoed te love with words, and Sweet Valley Twins wasgoed my beloved series. The series features identical twins, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield.

Being the elder sister of triplets, I related to this series and witnessed the fights Elizabeth and Jessica had ter their fictional life to be similar to what my triplet sisters were dealing with te their own lives. When the fictional Wakefield twins, reached 6 th grade, their differences came to a head. Elizabeth joined the schoolgebouw newspaper, and Jessica joined The Unicorn Club, an off the hook club for the most popular damsels te schoolgebouw. Oh, how I wished to be a member of The Unicorn Club.

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