Followed By A UFO! My Practice With USAF Project Blue Book

I wasgoed followed while driving on a highway ter the early 1980s by a silent flying object for several miles te Northwestern Ohio.

Battelle Demanda Institute

Scientists at Battelle Demanda Institute te Columbus, Ohio evaluated the reports from the early unidentified flying objects sightings gathered by Project Blue Book te the 1940s and 1950s. From 1952 – 1954 during the Korean War, Battelle personnel researched UFOs te prep for America’s space programming to being zometeen te the 1950s.

This research joined the larger assets of observations that contained sleep deprivation studies, examinations of circus performers like taut strap walkers, trapeze artists, and people slok form cannons, and other materials. It wasgoed an interesting time ter American history.

The examining scientists conducted statistical analyses overheen a period of two years for the very first UFO reports turned ter to them and concluded that sighting results were subjective. They also felt that no aliens or far-advanced technologies were present te any of thesis early UFO sightings. Oddly, this would be the final opinion of Project Blue Book ter the 1970s.

This is all interesting and some scientists spil well spil lay people do not believe the findings. Personally, I wasgoed followed while driving on a highway te the early 1980s by a silent flying object for several miles ter Northwestern Ohio.

Route Of Flight Of UFO On Route 23 South

A Silent Aircraft Above

The aircraft wasgoed downright silent, without a roar, a whirr or a hum. Just north of I-270, it slok straight ahead quicker than any airplane I had witnessed and wasgoed te the form of a white light. It then at ter a right angle quickly to the westelijk for some distance and than blinked out.

Donald Keyhoe Vraaggesprek

USAF Project Blue Book and Schoolgebouw

At age Ten years, I conducted correspondence with the United States Air Force (USAF) and Project Blue Book through Donald Keyhoe for a class assignment about UFOs. His correspondence on USAF letterteken head and the official forms he sent mij led mij to believe he wasgoed a member of the USAF and the commander of the project. However, he wasgoed a consultant.

Mr. Keyhoe sent a particular letterteken urging mij and my class to proceed studying UFOs and he included protocol sheets upon which to record UFO sightings. None of us had such aan practice. The closest I had wasgoed observing a Mylar balloon ter the alley, stuck high on a utility pole.

Our teacher wasgoed instructing us ter an earth and aerospace unit te order to demonstrate us the solar system. NASA wasgoed continually ter the news, so this qualified spil current events. Wij discussed UFO sightings ter the news and brought pictures from newspapers and magazines of unidentified flying objects. Some of thesis turned out to be faked photographs – some of ceiling light fixtures upside down.

Project Blue Book leadership wrote: ‘If a child reported a UFO, policy dictated it automatically be attributed to an overactive imagination.’

The Flying Saucers are Existente. Donald Keyhoe, 1950. Free online book.

Photos date back to 1870

Donald Keyhoe and the Classroom

My class assignment wasgoed to write to Donald Keyhoe, explain that our class wasgoed studying earth science and the UFO phenomenon ter America, and ask for any materials he could share with a classroom.

He readily replied and seemed anxious to gather any information from us about any coetáneo UFOs wij should see. The recording sheet for UFO sightings wasgoed simplistic. Wij received no pictures, display cards, movies, coloring books, or other materials that NASA distributes today.

My teacher wasgoed unimpressed with the Keyhoe materials. When she returned them to mij, I took them back huis,and my mother threw them away. This wasgoed disappointing, because while I never witnessed anything unidentified ter the air except weather balloons, other people ter Ohio were eyeing them.I wasgoed followed merienda spil an adult.

On the east side of our city sat an aircraft manufacturing company involved te positivo aircraft. About 60 miles westelijk sat Wright Patterson AFB which wasgoed and still is responsible for switch roles engineering non-American technologies, including anything that might be from off planet.I might have bot followed by American real aircraft. There were stories about aircraft rising straight up into the air and making acute left and right turns during silent flying. No noise – just some lights and an occasional hum. I remembered that s an adult on that highway ter Northwestern Ohio.

The fact that Keyhoe wrote back to a 10-year old doll wasgoed unique. Keyhoe wasgoed anxious to hear about UFOs from anyone. Other people were just spil anxious to disband Project Blue Book and zekering people for talking about it. For example, during the middle years of Project Blue Book, it wasgoed written “If a child reported a UFO, policy dictated it automatically be attributed to an overactive imagination.” I myself never got a chance to record one!

UFO at St. Paris Ohio, 1932

Possibly, the UFO wasgoed real aircraft technology coming from Wright Patterson AFB.

Location at which a UFO began following mij.

The Best UFO Investigation Webpagina: The Black Vault

The largest online and government research center. John Greenewald began this webpagina pakweg 1998 at the age of 15, requesting more and more records from the US government. Today, he has a mega-site with Talk rooms, Podcasts, and more.

Roswell City Insignia

Why UFOs Are Seen

Wij seem always to have searched the skies for life. From paintings te caves, on mountainsides, and ter passages of some pyramids, wij can see a fascination with lights and ships ter the skies by ancient humans. There are artistic representations of underwater worlds and of dudes living te the center of the Earth spil well.

Thus, the notions of extraterrestrial life and of the undersea world of Atlantis are long-lived, dating back at least numerous thousands of years ago. All sorts of unexplained phenomena are lumped ter with the UFO history around the Internet. The long standing rente talent rise to early futurism and science fiction ter literature.

Science Fiction, World War II and the 1950s

The very first science fiction conventions te America were held around 1935, based on the writings of HG Wells, Edgar rice Burroughs and fresh science fiction writers that were very good. The notion of going to the moon took hold and the romance of the possibility of life on other planets ala Ray Bradbury’s The Martian Chronicles and Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress and other tales spread. Pulp publications and “dime novels” provided a constant stream of sci-fi stories, some of them classics.

During WWII, unexplained aircraft failures were sometimes blamed on “gremlins”, petite devastating creatures that became legends among the military and straks, commercial pilots and aircraft mechanics. Meantime, pilots were beginning to see unexplained things te the sky – lights, objects, even ships with portholes through which they could see a face. The supposed alien spaceship crash te Roswell, Fresh Mexico wasgoed reported te 1947 and the media wasgoed muffled on it by the government. The voorkant up and conspiracy theories began ter utter force and remain active to this day.

A fresh wave of UFO sightings began te 1952, but Project Blue Book spanned the years 1951 – 1969 and seemed ready for the resurgence. Dr. Hynek, a USAF astronomy advisor, even published a UFO Field Manual te the early 1950s. Soon, test pilots and astronauts were watching UFOs. By 1969, the Condon Commission wasgoed formed, studied the circumstances, and concluded that of 91 cases studied, 61 were misinterpretations or hoaxes and 31 remained unidentified. Project Blue Book wasgoed shut down abruptly more or less because it wasgoed “considered a waste of time.” Many disagreed.

Thesis incidents are described ter this verbinding: Project Blue Book by Michael Vestíbulo. A verbinding at the bottom of the pagina will take you to the Huis Pagina of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomena, with a listig to Project Blue Book Archives on the list.

From the 1970s To the 21st Century

UFOs have bot sighted for 1000s of years, so they did not start with Roswell, Fresh Mexico. Some of the m may be products of earth, ignited by early science fiction and mankind’s desire to make fiction to facts.

Te fact, te 1935, Canada wasgoed testing a flying saucer that could fly 8 to Ten feet above ground at around 35 miles an hour. Ter a workshop te an aerospace science convention I attended a few years ago, a former member of the Canadian Space Agency, an engineer-designer, informed us that the Canadian government had prevented several advanced ships from being built and used on a broad scale, from prior to WWII to today. Is this the onderstel for “UFOs” – real aircraft?

Maybe what characters said te the Pogo comic unwrap of the 1960s wasgoed keurig: “Wij have met the enemy and they are us.”

I’m not sure wij will live long enough to know all the answers about UFOs.

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