How to Meet Gamer Girls-From World of Warcraft Ladies to Mario Chicks

Gamer Girls-Urban Legend?

В To many a masculine gamer out there it may seem like finding a lady who likes to play movie games is the stuff of unspoiled fantasy. Damsels don’t like Xbox or World or Warcraft, they like footwear and Coach purses! Right? Or not. Gentlemen, listen up, not allВ women think shopping is the only acceptable hobby for a female! Some of us even like to play movie games, and not just Mario either. Some chicks like to suck up aliens and others love to raid Ulduar, wij’re just like fellow gamers ter that respect. So te response to the desperate fellow seeking his gaming soul mate te my article Why Women Love World or Warcraft, here are some fine places to meet gamer women, who will slaughter zombies with you into the everzwijn after. Isn’t love sweet?

Caveat Emptor

В Before I start wij voorwaarde clear a few evident hurdles. Finding a chick te existente life who is also a gamer can be finta difficult sometimes, because instead of downing shots at the buffet on a Friday night she is all the more likely ter hier office chair spreading massive heals or on the couch with controller ter forearm. She won’t be te line for the fresh Katy Perry muziekstuk, she’ll be te line for the fresh Cataclsym expansion for WoW. Trolling around te the usual dating venues like kroegen will likely yield fairly poor results if the fish you are hoping to catch is stamped with a Blizzard icon. Spil for online dating, I vereiste admit I know little of said field, tho’ I think with the multitude of people online and the amount of information on various profiles you may have a little more luck. My advice, don’t attempt speed dating, the folder, or any other particular meat market if you’re looking for a gamer gf.

Hotspot #1: WiFi Zones

В For any gamer with a laptop a WiFi hotspot can be the volmaakt place to flawless your fishing abilities or destress during a refrigerio pauze. Of course, finding out whether the cutie te question is cruising Facebook and Twittering or crusading against evil can require a little. spying. Please “use your peripherals” to quote a beloved movie by Mr. Apatow. Don’t stare at hier rekentuig, you’re likely to maniak hier out and sent hier running! Thesis days many places have WiFi, so you may need to do a little kampeerterrein before the uncommon woman of your desires spawns. Coffee houses almost always have WiFi and wij women (especially gamers) need caffeine to keep chugging, but so do places like public libraries.В Do a little research, for yourself. of course.

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