I think I liked hier better than Diane, even.

If you’ve seen my series on sexy older fellows, you know that 40 isn’t the end of the line ter terms of hookup appeal. Te fact, some fellows and women are actually getting sexier with age. Women have a tendency to think they’re no longer beautiful merienda the laugh-lines embark to display, but that simply isn’t true — and here’s the proof.

Kim Basinger

I wasgoed a bit astonished to see that Kim Basinger is overheen 50. When I hear hier name, I instantly think of 9 1/Two Weeks. Has there everzwijn bot a woman with that kleuter of hook-up appeal? Not even Angelina Jolie compares with Basinger’s earlier films. There wasgoed a time when every American masculine went quiet when she came onscreen. And the woman is still beautiful!


I have never bot a large fan of Madonna’s, but you have to give hier credit, she desired to rule the world, and she made it toebijten. She’s taken phenomenal care of hier bod and it shows. She’s still very beautiful and I’m pretty sure the current teenage generation has hier pics on the bedroom wall, despite hier being old enough to be their gran. Speaking of, To all the granny-hand haters out there: Give the woman a pauze. You should be so fortunate spil to look like this woman when you’re hier age!

Kim Cattrall

I confess, I’ve never bot a big Lovemaking & The City watcher. But, when I have observed it, Samantha’s always bot the one I admired most. This woman trickles hookup appeal. And I fully believe boys 1/Trio hier age would be more than glad to have hier take them huis for a night or three.

And, dear Aker, have you seen the figure on this woman? If she’s not bot ter Playboy, they need to sign hier up instantly. Women half hier age have difficulty getting into the zuigeling of form she’s ter — I don’t know what hier secret is, but it’s working.

Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Pfeiffer has always bot exceptionally beautiful and is very sexy indeed at 51 (which she is at the time I’m writing this.) Just look at hier te this photo of the premiere of Hairspray. She looks stunning! She looked fantastic te Stardust spil well and I think most studs still find hier gorgeous. She looks natural and shows up to be aging quiebro well.

If you want to see hier te hier prime, check out Scarface — she wasgoed the epitome of finesse te that speelfilm. I can still picture that sleek bob, and that incredible floor-length dress. Not effortless to pull off, I’d imagine, but she did it. And she’s every bit spil classy looking today. Love hier!

Kirstie Alley

I loved Kirstie Alley when she wasgoed on Cheers. I think I liked hier better than Diane, even. I mean, indeed, who didn’t love hier little thing with Sam Malone? I liked hier ter Veronica’s Wc, too. But I wasgoed absolutely stunned when I wasgoed surfing the netwerk and found an early gig of hier ter Fat Actress. I wasgoed fully and utterly shocked.

But none of that compared to how astonished I wasgoed when I eyed how much weight she lost, and how fabulous she looks now. Hier assets looks truly amazing now. And so does everything else. The woman has made a serious comeback and she looks fab!

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