Mod The Sims – Sims Four Tinder Challenge

Wij,hugely successful dating app,Tinder have created a special contest for your rich,lonely and beautiful sim.

Wij found 8 ultimate matches for you and determined to let you filterzakje them out yourself.

Go on dates with them and eliminate them until there are just Two left.

Your rich bachelor/bachelorette and all the matches voorwaarde have the romantic trait

When you embark the challenge you voorwaarde go and introduce yourself to the matches.Merienda you know their Three traits and career you voorwaarde only socialize via technology.


You are permitted to socialize decently merienda they live with you.

Merienda you have went on a date with a match you voorwaarde add them to your household.(see dating below)

Merienda all matches have bot moved ter you voorwaarde eliminate one each Trio days(see elimination below)

You CANNOT MAKE ANY COMMITMENTS such spil beau/gf or marriage.

You CANNOT WOOHOO or Attempt FOR A Kindje

You voorwaarde go on a date with a match at least merienda every Three days

You cannot have a career

When you commence use the testingcheats on and the money 1000000 cheats.

To go on a date with a match they vereiste either ask you or you vereiste send them love emails until you can ask them on a date via phone and they accept.

To send love emails you need a certain level writing skill so when you start also use the testingcheats on and stats.set_skill_level major_writing Ten cheats.

A date voorwaarde be at least an hour long.On a very first date you can only do friendly interactions and geflirt.

If you send a match a flirty text and they ask you to meet them somewhere this counts spil a date but does not need to be an hour long.

You can only go on another date with someone merienda all matches have bot moved ter and you can then only date them again when everyone has had a 2nd date and so on.You can only everzwijn date someone via the phone never ter person.

Very first Date:Nothing to audacious,something like a tour to a cafe,a walk ter the park or just some &quot,Netflix and Chill&quot, at your place.

2nd Date:Something a little nicer this time,Up for some clubbing?A journey to the buffet?

Third date:Now it’s time to let your audacity liberate,A excursion to the spawater,A 1 day kampeerterrein tour,Some retail therapy,Spil long spil it’s to the persons taste it dosen’t mater!

Every Three days there is an elimination unless someone left due to social awkwardness(see deleting a match below)

To determine who goes check the relationships whichever has the lowest relationship goes.

If their happens to be a tie,whoever has the lowest relationship with the housemates goes.

When you are down to Two matches there is 7 days before elimination.

If you have had Five awkward,unpleasant or aggravating conversations with people you have deleted them spil a match(It doesn’t have to be Five of the same conversation you could have for example:Three unpleasant 1 awkward and 1 aggravating)If this happens before elimination day that elimination will be canceled spil someone technically wasgoed eliminated.

Completing the challenge is plain the same rules apply the last one standing is the winner and the bf/gf.

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