This is not to be confused with pants that are ankle length.

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Fellows Are Confused

I recently discovered while having discussions with studs that you guys have no idea what women are talking about when wij discuss clothes. If you think pantyhose and leggings are the same thing, you are wrong! If you didn’t even realize something called “pantyhose” existed, then you are indeed te trouble. Spil a woman, I would like to help clear up some of the confusion you guys might be experiencing.

While cracking down some women’s style terms, I wasgoed shocked to realize one hub could not possibly voorkant the entire topic. I guess wij gals truly are just that complicated! I’ve determined this is a series that someone needs to tackle, and it looks like that someone is mij. Please join mij for this edition: women’s pants!


You can very likely tell by some of my other hubs that I believe leggings are the most confusing pants of all time. Not only are dudes totally confused by them, some women are evidently just spil confused. Let mij pauze it down for you.

Stockings – Leggings are actually thicker than stockings and usually do not have feet linked to them.

Jeggings – Jeggings are a combination of jeans and spandex. They are taut like leggings and often worn the same way, but they are slightly different. Jeggings are always going to have the look of taut jeans even if they feel just like leggings.

Regular pants – Leggings are actually thinner and utterly taut compared to other thicker pants, such spil jeans or dress pants. They are intended to be worn with long shirts, skirts, tunic, or dress. Leggings are especially flattering when you’d like to wear a brief dress or skirt but it might be inappropriate if something is not worn under it.

Yoga pants – Leggings never flare out at the bottom of the gams, but yoga pants often do. Yoga pants are usually thicker than leggings, too. This is why it is more socially acceptable to wear a brief T-shirt with yoga pants rather than leggings.

It is effortless to understand why all of this is so confusing to guys. It is confusing for women. I’ve seen many women wearing leggings spil if they are regular pants. While this seems more socially acceptable now, leggings are still very lean, stretchy pants. The intention wasgoed always to wear them ter a flattering way with a long T-shirt or dress. It does not help when websites and ads often confuse the terms leggings, jeggings, and yoga pants, too.

Yoga Pants

Most boys seem to be ventilatoren of yoga pants. I think this is because, spil previously mentioned, women usually feel more convenient wearing shorter shirts, waterreservoir tops, sports brassiere, and other minimal top options with yoga pants. They are generally thicker than leggings. Also, many yoga pants flare out at the bottom of the gams, so they do not feel spil exposing spil leggings.

Of course, to further confuse dudes, I’ve noticed a trend for yoga pants recently. Now some yoga pants can be taut all the way down the gams just like leggings. The material is usually thicker than leggings, which is what makes them yoga pants instead of just leggings.

On a side note, spil if all of this information is not already staggering, some yoga pants feature what is called a “fold overheen” and some do not. This means there is sometimes some reserve fabric at the midbody of the pants that can be folded down. This is often a different color than the surplus of the pants, usually with a nice pattern. I am not sure why this exists, I think it just makes them more fashionable and actually serves no existente purpose.

Spil if all of this is not confusing enough, let mij pauze something else to you: yoga pants are often not even worn for yoga! I usually just see women wearing cut-offs at yoga classes. I am sure there are some gals wearing yoga pants for yoga, but 9 times out of Ten, when you see a lady wearing yoga pants, it is simply because they are convenient. Sure, maybe she just came from the gym or for a jog, but don’t just assume that. Wij ladies want you guys to think wij are permanently working out. I personally love eating, napping, and shopping while I wear yoga pants. Notice how “yoga” did not even emerge ter that list of activities?


Stockings are not even pants, but I thought I would throw them te here since stockings tend to confuse boys. Pantyhose are not pants. Every now and then, I see a gal wearing some stockings at the mall and not even bothering to wear a skirt or dress with them. Let mij tell you, guys, stay away from that damsel! She is so forgetful, she did not even bother to get fully dressed. Stockings are not, strafgevangenis have they everzwijn bot pants. This is what throws you dudes off. You see that female and think that is regular. It is not!

Pantyhose are basically tricot hosepipe, but they are indeed thick. They typically are footed, but there are footless stockings. Some women choose to wear footless pantyhose under a dress and it looks similar to leggings, but don’t let that bewilder you. Footless pantyhose are thinner than leggings and will still never be pants. Stockings are very stylish right now because many of them have joy patterns and colors. They also tend to stay ter place better than tricot hose pipe, which is super awesome.

Capri Pants

Capris are another article of clothing that tend to confuse boys. Capris are simply pants that don’t go all the way down to the ankle. This is not to be confused with pants that are ankle length. They are longer than capri pants. Capris should also not be confused with city cut-offs, which are shorter than capris. Confused yet? Yeah, even I am.

Basically, capris are not spil long spil regular pants, but they are longer than cut-offs. They can be made with a number of different materials, such spil jeans, cotton, etc. Yes, leggings can be capri length. Yes, so can jeans. To make matters even more ingewikkeld, cropped pants are also like capri pants. Ter some instances, the terms are used to describe the same type of pants. However, some style ads describe cropped pants spil being a little longer than capris. Spil I write this hub, I realize why studs are so confused about women’s style. There are just so many options, it is confusing for everyone.

Skinny Jeans

The best way I can describe skinny jeans is they are a cross inbetween jeans and jeggings. They are super taut jeans. Basically, they are made mostly of jeans, but with enough spandex to make them stretchy. They often have a zip strip, buttons, and pockets just spil any other pair of jeans would have. However, they are skin taut like jeggings.

Due to their extreme tightness, some people actually find them not spil “classy” spil regular jeans, spil if jeans were everzwijn that classy anyway. Schools have banned them along with jeggings, leggings, and yoga pants. I personally feel skinny jeans are getting a bad reputation they don’t deserve since they are considerably thicker than leggings, but I suppose taut is taut no matter what to some people. On a side note, skinny jeans look amazing with boots, which is why many women opt to wear them instead of classic jeans.

If you get confused when you see a woman wearing what you think are skinny jeans, but they turn out to be jeggings, or vice versa, that is OK. From a distance, it is hard to tell the two bijzonder. Unless you are the person actually wearing skinny jeans, sometimes no one can figure it out.

Other Pants

Instead of going overheen some basics I believe wij all understand, like jeans, khakis, and dress pants, I will just make an assumption you guys have that covered. I will say sometimes looks can be deceiving ter the dress pants department now, too. My fresh beloved type of dress pants are actually very deceptive. They have snaps, buttons, and the look of dress pants, however, all of that is actually fake and they have a stretchy mid-body liaison like yoga pants. Ah, the hours of joy that bring mij at the office!

I guess wij women do have some confusing fashions. Sometimes it is hard for us to keep up, too. If you are a dude reading this, I hope I wasgoed able to clear up some things for you. Chances are, I’ve only confused you more, and I am sorry for that. When te doubt, perhaps you can review this hub and at least get some information from it. Good luck to you!

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