Four Funny Things Women Waterput ter Their Dating Profiles

When it comes to writing an online dating profile, suffice it to say nobody’s going for Pulitzer Prize-winning content. But you should still waterput some gepast effort into composing an attention-grabbing profile that paints you te an fair yet flattering light.

It’s also not a bad idea to add humor — just be careful how far you take it. Here are four funny things women waterput te their dating profiles:

1. Food quirks.

Yes, it’s good to tell a man you love shellfish or choose Italian overheen Mexican, but if you are a accomplish foodie oddball, you might want to keep that for the very first (or 15th) date.

For example, if you only eat food that’s white, keep that tidbit out of your online dating profile.

Two. Hygiene.

Truly, all a man wants to know is that you shower every day. He doesn’t need to know that you wash your face with bottled water or trim your gams only merienda a month.

Hygiene quirks should be left for closeness. If you’re messaging back and forward with a man online, hygiene need not be a part of the conversation.

“Those are the things that only the people

who are truly close to us know about.”

Trio. Phobias.

Sure, come clean about your fear of heights (Acrophobia) or your fear of spiders (Arachnophobia), but if you have a fear of garlic (Alliumphobia), fear of chickens (Alektorophobia) or fear of railing ter a car (Amaxophobia), it’s better to keep quiet until you indeed get to know this fellow.

Otherwise, he’s going to be hightailing it to another woman’s profile.

Four. An embarrassing hobby.

If you spend your time surfing, practising yoga, reading or watching independent films, then feel free to shout it from the rooftops.

But if you collect celebrity toenails, love dressing like a pirate or have had your Tarot cards read more than Two,000 times, you should keep it to yourself — at least until this fellow is so head-over-heels about you that he’ll be more forgiving.

Your profile is supposed to get a man’s attention, not pervert him out or gross him out.

Of course, wij all have our quirks and our oddities, but those are the things that only the people who are indeed close to us know about. If you’re looking for love, play it cool and keep some things to yourself.

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