Leave hier wondering about you.

Get Your Ex Back Now!

Getting your ex to rekindle hier passion for you again

Reminisce when you and your ex couldn’t keep your palms off each other?

You couldn’t stay away from each other, were practically joined at the hip!

Now that you’re cracked up and attempting to get back together it feels bizarre

because you’ve bot away from each other for so long. Don’t fear! There

are ways to re-ignite that spark that wasgoed merienda there:

* Take care of your appearance. You might even go for a totally different or

dramatic look! This may mean a switch of hair color, a different hair cut,

fresh clothes, getting te better form.

* Don’t rush into it. Don’t always be available when she calls. Let the

voicemail pick up for a switch! Make hier wonder what you are doing and

who you may be with. Leave hier wondering about you. Become a mystery

and she will not be able to fight back you!

* Limit or even pauze voeling for a while. Preferably the very first 30 days after a

pauze up. I know it is hard because you miss hier so much, but you have to

permit hier space and time to actually miss you again. This means no face

book, myspace or emailing spil well spil phone calls!

* Date. If you don’t, at least get your social life up and running. The lesbo

world is lil’ so she will get word that you are out and about, looking excellent

and acting certain. You are having joy and don’t “need” hier. Instant turn

* After 30 days (or longer) one of you may initiate voeling. Keep it light! A

quick email telling “Hello, how have you bot?” is good enough. No

begging, no telling how much you miss hier, no asking if she’s dating. Brief

* After some voeling has bot re-established don’t get too lovey-dovey too

soon! Treat hier like you treat any casual friend. Be polite and friendly but

don’t talk about the relationship at all.

* Keep your hobbies and interests. Don’t spend time pining for your ex. Get

to know and love YOU! She will see this and have respect for you.

* If you are talking on the phone, always end the conversation very first. This

let’s hier know you have other interests that require your attention. If she

knows you’re not always accessible it will motivate hier to call or voeling

you more often. Always leave hier wanting more of you!

*Here’s a Massive secret! If you truly want your ex to be almost compelled to

voeling you what you have to do is create a very powerful psychological

boost! That’s done by creating a sense of curiosity and rente. Those are

the two most powerful coerces ter the human mind. The largest secret of all is

* Be a little hard to get. I’m not talking about playing mind games. I’m

simply telling don’t always leap for the phone or response hier email Trio

seconds straks! If you’re ter the middle of something, finish it very first then get

back to hier. When your ex see’s that you’re not always available you will

have hier wondering what you may be doing, or with whom! This creates

* When you do talk to or see your ex, be epistel te the beginning. Arrange to

talk to hier or meet with hier ter the middle of your already busy day. A quick

cup of coffee or a brief phone call right before a meeting will keep you from

continuous hours and hours. Knowing you have a life besides pining after hier

will have your ex intrigued. This creates rente!

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