Nip Sensitivity

I am writing to you to ask you for your help. I have bot with my gf for overheen a year now. I want to be sensitive to hier needs and I want to be a good and supportive beau and paramour. The problem is this. When wij commence to idiot around spil soon spil I touch hier nips she pulls away and tells mij to zekering. It puts an end to the mood. I don’t truly know what to do. Is this common? Can you give mij any advice?

There could be a duo of different things going on here. And I have some ideas to share with you, and some advice you can attempt.

Some guys and women practice overly sensitive nips due to a concentration of nerve endings. Your gf may have too much sensation ter that area. This would render hier incapable to love your caress. This isn’t your fault.

But the thicker problem isn’t the physical here, its your lack of communication. Instead of smacking your mitt away or just telling “zekering”, your gf should be communicating with you. Ask hier what she’s experiencing. Ask hier too suggest another erogenous zone she loves like hier neck that you could kittle or stroke to bring arousal during make-out.

If every time you touch hier te a certain spot she tells you to zekering, then zekering touching hier there. Your touching that area without attempting to talk to hier about it very first could be exactly why there is a dialogue breakdown here.

If oversensitivity turns out to be the problem, I have a suggestion. Even people with the most sensitized of nips can usually treat their own touch. You could ask hier if she could gently touch hier own nips while you observe. Maybe you could even waterput your mitt overheen the back of hier forearm while she does it. Even however you would not be touching them directly, you’d still be touching hier. This should be an amazingly intimate and voluptuous thing you can share together. It could be wonderful for hier because it represents your patience, your thoughtfulness, your capability to listen to hier, and your desire to please hier. Even if she only wants to do this for a few seconds, its still an act of trust and should bring the two of you closer.

Peter, it is possible that there’s more to this. For one thing, maybe this is a symptom of a medical problem. If this sensitivity hasn’t always bot there, she should consultatie hier doctor. Something spil slight spil a switch ter birth control pills could help. And maybe something spil big spil a mammogram is ter order. It’s best to be safe than sorry te thesis situations.

Another possibility is that maybe someone hurt hier merienda there. Maybe it wasn’t on purpose, maybe someone wasgoed just rough and insensitive, and she has that knee-jerk reaction to not let that toebijten again. Spil hier bf you need to know any drape ups or issues she has about the different aspects of love making.

Even however this is just one petite part of make-out, which is only a part of love making, it is significant. You said it kills the mood. You have to dialogue about this. You have to talk to hier about what’s going on and find out what you can do together spil a duo to stir forward. Even if the outcome of the conversation is that this one area is going to be forearms off, at least it’s an response. You’ll need to respect hier on this. You won’t attempt to touch them and she won’t say zekering, and hopefully eliminating that tense uur will create a smoother flow te your make-out.

Thanks for this question. Good luck to you both.

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