Of course, I did not buy this at all.

I am a very savvy researcher and quiebro aware of scams online. I know the Internet is packed with lies, truth, and in-between. So, many times, I verify what I come across. I had read about online romance scams, but felt, surely, I would be able to detect it. That wasgoed partially true, but not before I had sent money to someone I had never met on a popular online romance webpagina. Te fact, I seldom everzwijn use thesis sites, but ter this example, I casually created a profile, not expecting anything to toebijten.

A person called Cinderellabunch contacted mij through the romance webpagina. She wasgoed interested. Wij exchanged a few texts via the online romance webpagina but she quickly dreamed mij to download a free text app called, WhatsApp. Many use this to talk with, so texting wasgoed much quicker and lighter. So far, it wasgoed very casual conversation and could last hours. Eventually, I asked hier what hier positivo name wasgoed, she said, Chelsea Boamah, but also used Chelsea Ford for constitucional documents. I asked for proof and she send an photo of hier US passport. I pressed hier about the Ford last name, she said it wasgoed after hier father. Knowing about scams, I wasgoed just waiting for a request of money spil a sure sign. None came. Wij texted each other on and off for days about usual things. She sent photos of hier mom and dad. He wasgoed a captain for a cruise line, which I could not verify. She said she had bot living ter the UK until moving to Brooklyn, NY, and by age Five, became a US citizen. She went to Morris High there. Hier parents were both deceased now and she wasgoed living ter Rocky Climb on, NC. She told mij that she had bot a proefje and after the death of the man she wasgoed to marry, stopped modeling since 2012. The very first odd thing wasgoed that the cruise line she claimed hier dad worked for wasgoed only based te Australia. How did the UK getraind into this? She said hier mom wasgoed an Australian citizen and wasgoed te Poland when she talent birth to hier. Hier father wasgoed American. I attempted calling hier many times but only spoke to hier a few times.

Chelsea used photos from Nikki Sims and Ann Vishaak to attract with. Both of thesis women are attractive and each has their own websites, both are soft-porn “starlets”. Many scammers have stolen thesis photos and created online profiles on dating websites. Ann Vishaak has a large catalog of photos and movies from spil far back spil 2004 that members to hier webstek have access to, including the scammer. They simply save the picture and movie, edit them, and create a fresh identity with them like Chelsea did. Of course, I did not even know who thesis women were until it wasgoed too late. The scammer might be a man using a stolen passport or ID, or a woman who used Chelsea’s passport for a fresh identity online. So, all photos I received were of Ann Gifangel who I thought wasgoed Chelsea. A few were of Nikki Sims, and I did noticed some facial features were different and even confronted Chelsea about this. There wasgoed a plausible excuse always.

The texting continued for a week or so, talking. It wasgoed this frequency that lured mij into what I thought might be actual. The one thing I wasgoed never asked and is typical when meeting someone is, what did I do for living? She asked if I wasgoed married or divorced, any kids, where I lived, phone number. All standard things any face to face encounter does. Wij exchanged all the standard details. Hookup talk wasgoed actually minimal. After the very first week, I requested a webcam or Skype call to verify whom I wasgoed talking to wasgoed the same spil te the photos. She agreed but wij could never get it done. She avoided using hier email, most likely because I could actually trace the IP address etc. She avoided sending mij an audio talk that can lightly be done with the app used. Yes, I found this odd, but continued. She said she wasgoed looking to marry and have kids within the next five years, she said I wasgoed hier “man” and would never let mij go. She called mij “honey”, “kindje”, to build up my affection and trust. Wasgoed I suspicious, oh yeah, but thought I could control it, waterput the brakes on, if and when money wasgoed requested.

One night she called from a cell phone. I did a switch sides lookup and found out the number wasgoed for Goldirocks Jewelry te Oceanside, NY, near Brooklyn. The call wasgoed from Florida at Four a.m. The store is possessed by Stuart Leibowitz. The number wasgoed even on their webstek. There wasgoed no message. I asked hier about this and she said she did not know him and that she had used a taxicab driver’s phone. I suspect this would have bot for money. Wasgoed Chelsea and Stuart ter on the scam? Maybe. I would never know.

Chelsea told mij she would be leaving for Ghana to work with UNICEF for two months. She wasgoed working on project to get donations for a sick orphan at OSU te Accra who needed a costly operation and to talk about Ebola. I checked with both agencies and both said there wasgoed no Chelsea Boamah listed. So, far, no money wasgoed requested, so I wasgoed certain I could just say no, so I continued with this cloak and dagger much like an investigative reporter. Checking wasgoed effortless, just use email. Soon, Chelsea sent photos of hier ter Ghana (actually, Ann Vishaak). She said that the government had provided hier with a free studio apartment, but had to pay for utilities,food, and Internet. Internet wasgoed paid weekly. By now, wij had bot texting a loterijlot for two weeks daily. She would send more intoxicating Ann Weerhaak photos (thesis were natural looking, selfies, office movie) and respectable (not x-rated at all). I continued to feel certain I could deny any request for money. The very first of several, emergency situations arrived. Hier credit card and access to hier canap account wasgoed blocked due to a security risk. She had no more specie. She needed money. She could not get an advance from UNICEF and she wasgoed alone there. I very first said, no. Not my problem. She said the Internet bill wasgoed due and she needed food. She pleaded with mij, played upon my emotions for hier, used the guilt card. Like a warrior, I resisted. Eventually, I did wire hier a puny amount te USD. I had violated the very first rule: Never send money to another you have not met te person!

This took us into the money phase. This began ter the third week of meeting online. There wasgoed not many conversations that did not end with a hint or request for money. Something wasgoed always needed or wrong. She told mij that she dreamed to get a Gold Smeris license there to be able to buy, sell and uitvoer gold. She wished mij to buy a gold detector to find it. Alarms went off loudly now. This wasgoed not going to toebijten involving overheen thousands of dollars. I found out that te Ghana only Ghanians can get a license. I argued why a gold detector wasgoed a stupid idea. I indeed frustrated hier with logical arguments she could not challenge. She would call mij, have mij talk to a “government official” attempting to woo mij to send overheen $2000. Eventually, she talent up. She dreamed to commence hier business exporting gold to my address and when she returned, wij would sell it abroad. Wij’re talking about gold kroegen! One tapkast is valued at $32K. She wished mij to open an equity line of credit at my handelsbank to deposit funds into when gold wasgoed sold. Of course, I did not buy this at all. I smelled scam and danger, but I wished to see how far this “play” would go on.

When Chelsea and hier assistant (wasgoed this Stuart Leibowitz?) realized none of this wasgoed going to toebijten with mij, and I demanded to see ID used to receive wired money, she stated there had bot a large fire that killed several and took all hier belongings. The receipt she did send to get wired money did not showcase a Chelsea Ford signature, not even remotely. I confronted hier about this, and she just claimed it wasgoed hers. She knew she wasgoed caught te a lie and proven for it. Hier Ghana health card from NHIS wasgoed fake, again, using a photo of Ann Weerhaak. She said she had gone to renew hier passport. The US embassy there said she did not tell the truth, yet, she displayed mij hier fresh passport. This time, the photo used wasgoed not Nikki Sims, spil ter the very first one, but Ann Weerhaak! Totally different people. The embassy confirmed it wasgoed fake.

By the fourth week, she wasgoed frustrated with mij. She thought I may be playing hier, which I wasgoed, just out of curiosity. She got angry and at times, sounded like a fellow talking, when I refused to send money. She would call mij names. All the affectionate words were gone. Money requests were onmiddellijk or prayers using the guilt card. She threatened to cutoff communications. She desired mij to send $500 so she could rent a four bedroom house there. The house wasgoed being sold for $320,000 and she claimed the smeris said she could have the house for $400 vanaf year spil a rental. I showcased hier the house on the webstek and told hier it makes no sense. She had no reaction but to want that house. She would always attempt to soften mij up when money wasgoed requested with another nice photo of Ann Gifangel.

Merienda I found out that the photos she had sent were of Ann Weerhaak’s catalog, I confronted hier hier. That is when she said she used Ann Gifangel spil an zogenaamd, LOL. This scammer wasgoed a professional. Had a reasonable reason for any money request. Most likely wasgoed from Ghana. Maybe she wasgoed a he all along, too many mirrors to know. Hier backstory wasgoed thorough. Believable for the most part. She lived te Ocala, FL., for awhile with hier last beau for awhile until something happened with him. That something might be a actual estate wire fraud bust te 2006 where he wasgoed arrested and owed Chelsea several years of stolen money. She had nothing but bad feelings for hier last bf (after hier fiancГ© had died of cancer).

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