The worst thing about oDesk is that, being a free to use webpagina, they do take out 10% of all payments made.

Five of the Best Websites to Find Work spil a Composer

All of the composers and musicians out there know exactly how hard it is to find any work, let alone any that actually pays decently. It can sometimes take years to build a career of creating music for money. It seems that there are hundreds of avenues for a composer to take to find a job, but all the clients out there either are too inexperienced, don’t opoffering enough money, or just plain overlook you.

Most of the time, the big bucks elude us because wij just toevluchthaven’t had enough practice with the right jobs. That’s why I’m going to share with you some of the ways I’ve found to work for building a good portfolio and making some welgevoeglijk money at it.

Spil with any stream of income te this industry, it can take some time to work your way up to sustained business, but if you keep at thesis few methods, then you’re pretty much assured success. It all depends on how hard you work ,)

So let’s get to it!

1. oDesk

Possibly the best option for anyone interested te anything to do with music

Albeit oDesk is often used for finding programmers and administrative assistants, it can also be truly fruitful for any musician, especially if you’re good with a DAW.

The key about getting oDesk paying out regularly is to keep up with it. People are posting jobs looking for musicians for all kinds of reasons all the time. However, the jobs usually get packed up kleintje of quickly. Just be sure to check for fresh postings daily (if not numerous times a day), and your portfolio should pack up pretty quickly.

Keep te mind, it can sometimes take up to a month to embark getting regular work.

The worst thing about oDesk is that, being a free to use webpagina, they do take out 10% of all payments made. But if you find a nice employer and you do a good job, they’ll account for that te the payments they give you.

Two. Freelancer

Another freelance webstek is a webpagina much like oDesk, with a duo exceptions. It’s more popular, so there’s more chance for work, but that also means you have to spend more time checking on updates and fresh jobs ter order to get hired. It can also have a fatter payout. Even tho’ they still take a toverfee from each payment made, the clients are usually a bit more generous. This also means that they usually expect a better result for their money, and they can sometimes be picky about who they hire, especially if the applicants don’t have a big portfolio.

If you’ve had any success with oDesk or any other freelance work, be sure to add that information to your profile. Be spil translucent spil you can and list spil many ended jobs you’ve had spil possible. When embarking out, this will come ter very handy.

Again, overheen time, you’ll find that work is lighter and lighter to come by. You might even get to the point where clients are messaging you requesting you specifically for their latest job. The key, spil always, is be patient and work hard.

Trio. Gaming Communities

Where there are games, there are spel makers

If you’re a musician who likes movie games, without a doubt, I’m sure you always take note of the music and sounds that are playing. If you take the time to look at the credits of any spel, they will always list the musicians responsible, usually including a listig to their webstek. Why can’t this be you?

There are a duo ways to make this toebijten, but all roads lead to community. Pick a flash spel portal or two that you indeed like (think Kongregate, NewGrounds, etc.), and begin making a name for yourself within that community. Don’t just stash the forums and comments, participate regularly. Postbode your proudest works on your profile. Be open and pleasant to talk to. Eventually you’ll begin meeting up with up and coming developers who are suspending around te the same places ter order to build up some wisdom ter their own industry.

If you can befriend some promising developers and programmers, they will be willing to give you the chance to score one of their games. If the spel does well, and the two (or more) of you work well together, chances are high that they will terugwedstrijd to you for future games. This is how a loterijlot of composers get their begin ter the spel industry.

Stick with it long enough, and after the developer releases a duo games that are hits, other developers will be looking for your name te credits and embark emailing you for work. At this point, you can begin charging thicker bucks and you’ll be on your way to a welgevoeglijk living.

Four. Speelfilm Communities

Like games, films need music (most of the time)

There are tons of ways to crack into the visual media industry. However, it’s usually all about who you know. The strategy here is similar to #Three. Get to know some up and coming filmmakers, find some that you love working with, and you’ll be set. Ah, but there’s the paw. Where can filmmakers be found who don’t already have a beloved composer? Let’s uncover some rocks.

Online communities. Same strategy spil with spel developers. Seek and deploy.

Restringido communities. I know this is steering away from the online theme of this article, but it’s worth mentioning. There are always nave theater groups and inexperienced speelfilm creators who are looking for a welgevoeglijk musician to complement their work. Check your recinto CraigsList and the classifieds of the newspaper, and maybe even buy up some pagina space of your own. Eventually you’ll find someone you want to work with.

Colleges. There are tons of speelfilm students who toevluchthaven’t yet found their wish team. Sure most of them will just look for musicians te the music department on campus, but if you can ritme some of thesis students to the punch while outperforming them, you’ll be ter excellent form.

Don’t think for a 2nd that you have to actually go and visit colleges (albeit that couldn’t hurt). Recall, collegium kids spend a majority of their time ter pui of a laptop.

There are a ton of websites out there that host communities for speelfilm students, and even some geared specifically towards teaming up filmmakers and musicians. Be sure to check out Speelfilm and Spel Composers.

And there’s a fresh webstek coming soon with the objective of packing the gap ter this area. If you’re acostumbrado with filmrolletje terminology, you might know the word “synchresis”, where visual and audible media synch up ideally to enhance the practice. Based on that concept, the webpagina is called Synkresis, and albeit it’s not up and running yet, the creators promise to have it up very soon, and they’re taking emails to notify you of significant updates. Due to the finish and total lack of spam they send out, it looks entirely legit, and undoubtedly worth the Two seconds spent checking it out.

Five. Other Composers

Know somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody.

This should be a rule of thumb for anyone interested te music: always stay close to other composers. If aren’t already part of a musician tribe somewhere online, you need to get on that ASAP. Communities of musicians and composers are very tightly knit. Facebook groups, Twitter, and all other forms of social media serve greatly to your advantage te this regard. Get spil close to spil many of your brethren spil you can, and you will be greatly rewarded.

I myself have gotten several good jobs from my friends ter the industry. If someone is too busy to do a project themselves, they might recommend you, or they might just ask for your help. Teamwork is a powerful contraption. Plus the more of you there are working together, the more money you’re likely to make.

If you’re consistently working te a team of two or three, the pay will likely be divided up to less than you would make on a project by yourself (unless the client is super generous), but at the same time, you can rotate work and get a few, if not several, projects done ter the same amount of time. And the client will be glad because the quality of work you accomplish together will be far greater. It’s a win for everybody!

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