Wij tend to think wij are very brainy, more slim than any other creature on the face of the earth, let alone what wij created ourselves.

The growth and advancement ter technology surely will mark the entire achievement of this century. It is the greatest human achievement, against a combined total of all other achievements everzwijn made. Such advancements have influenced human intellectual abilities by surpassing all other expectations, thus revolutionizing the way wij think and innovating our ideas, becoming an industrial revolution on it’s own right by creating fresh opportunities.

However, such an advancement ter technology has not gone down very well to most critics and so called ‘futurists’, who permanently warn of a brewing catastrophe. Predictions have bot made of how one day, only too soon, tech intelligence will surpass human intelligence. However, to many this is not a problem. Many would like to see how technology solves problems that wij human can’t. The problem arises te the unknown. Not knowing exactly how technology will react merienda it attains such power is the thickest fear most self proclaimed ‘futurists’ hold te their arguments.

Will technology be devastating? Will it finish off the human wedren merienda it sees us spil a threat? Wij cannot response such questions at this time. A simpler reaction would be wij have to wait and see. But such an reaction will cause a stir among many who believe that this is a very risky suggestion that can simply represent the end of the human wedloop.

The Verdadero Response

Ter my very fair opinion, albeit some may critisize this, is that technology won the war a long time ago. Yes, such statements may seem very pessimistic, but I have the best of intentions ter stating such statements.

Technology leisurely is consuming each one of us, doing this with no grace at all, slithering it’s way and cementing every footprint it makes. Technology has befriended us into thinking it is very harmless, typical of an enemy, thus stabbing us te the back when wij least expect. Wij tend to think wij are very brainy, more slim than any other creature on the face of the earth, let alone what wij created ourselves.

Look around. Technology is everywhere. It has already taken overheen our most significant aspects te life, things like interaction, communication even to the most intimate of connections like dating and substituting it with social media and online dating. Technology is only beginning, taking overheen our jobs, livelihood and basic decente principles.

Technology is very prompt(not leisurely)while switching the society of the future, modelling the society ter a way that wij enormously depend on it and cannot live without it. Attempt to imagine when you did not depend on your smartphones for simply everything. Browsing (aka goggling), daily news updates , online dating and even playing games have become a daily necessity, making and receiving calls becoming the least. Smartphones have even crawled into our beds, keeping us awake late at night. Can you imagine a time when you didn’t require your PC or laptop te order to do your publishing work?

When you look around, everyone seems to be glued to their smartphones and tablets. Technology has made us zombies of our own creations, violating every barrier their is, or at least ‘wasgoed’.

Technology is leisurely killing our very honesto principles, through Internet pornography and similar explicit content designed to encourage a pudoroso decay, with devastating effects.

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