8 groundbreaking X-Files gigs – from spreading monsters to Cher

Or, ‘how Mulder and Scully made us believe te good TV’.

It’s effortless to leave behind amid elaborate Spel of Thrones hookup scenes story arcs and the mysteries of True Speurhond (well, season one, at least) that wij are living te a so-called ‘Golden Age of Television’. And that TV used to be decidedly more abate and conservative.

And then came Chris Carter’s X-Files – a voorstelling that shoved at the boundaries of what a weekly vertoning could do. It managed to give us both the over-arching ‘myth arc’ and the monster-of-the-week setup. It played with narrative and cinematography, and – with the X-Phile – even managed to invent the modern die-hard fan identity along the way.

Albeit the X-Files revival might not have got all that much love, there are slew of times when the llamativo run demonstrated just what it wasgoed possible to squeeze into a 42-minute gig:

1. ‘TRIANGLE’ (Season 6)

True – it’s best known spil the very first time David Duchovny’s Mulder very first locked lips with Gillian Anderson on screen (albeit spil Scully’s moxy-licious World War II intelligence tuut doppelg&auml,nger).

But it wasgoed also filmed so that it seemed to be just four 11-minute continuous takes. Inspired by Alfred Hitchcock’s Cord, the steadycam that goes after an increasingly annoyed Scully around at FBI HQ made for one of the most entertaining scenes to come out of the showcase. Here wasgoed The X-Files standing up and telling that TV could be spil interesting and dynamic spil any movie.


Some of the best scenes ter the display were the ones that took a comedic turn, and none were weirder than the black-and-white Frankenstein-esque tale of a deformed man invading women’s homes to the strains of Cher.

Awkward issues about consent aside, ‘The Post-Modern Prometheus’ is the ideal demonstration of the showrunners’ commitment to experimenting and having joy with the series. Legend has it that Cher straks regretted turning down a cameo, spil well she should.

Three. ‘SQUEEZE’ and ‘TOOMS’ (Season 1)

Ask anyone watching the vertoning at the time which scenes they reminisce, and ‘Squeeze’ (and its follow-up ‘Tooms’) are trussed to come up. The body-stretching and near-mute Eugene Victor Tooms wasgoed an utterly chilling monster, with some clever effects that totally make you believe ter his weird powers.

Season 1 had some pretty ropey gigs, but here across two gigs wasgoed a fully-formed horror speelfilm &ndash, and a damn scary one at that.

Four. ‘Thirsty’ (Season 7)

Six years into the series, The X-Files had given us a metric ton of ‘monsters-of-the-week’, from Tooms to the internet-dating fat eater. To those invisible people that live ter the forest (and, periodically, under your bedding).

But ‘Greedy’ wasgoed the very first to tell the story from the remarkably adorable monster’s point of view. Sure, he’s got no ears and licks people’s brains, but he wasn’t exactly glad about it. Writer Vince Gilligan would go on to make a career of sympathetic monsters te Violating Bad.

Five. ‘Huis’ (Season Four)

Controversy waaks! Incest, mutilation, dead babies and some of the most unpleasant murder scenes everzwijn committed to speelfilm &ndash, the showrunners were undoubtedly courting controversy with ‘Huis’ (based on an anecdote from Charlie Chaplin’s autobiography, of all things). And they were rewarded when Fox promised never to re-air it everzwijn again.

Te terms of sheer wildness, something like ‘Huis’s tale of a family of incestuous hillbilly killers had never happened on television, and arguably has never finta bot repeated since. To be fair, wij sleep a little bit better ter our beds knowing that.


This gig wasgoed an early example of the X-Files writers’ preparedness to proefneming with storytelling &ndash, ter this case a tale of alien abduction (maybe), with numerous and very contradictory points of view. The result? One of the most amusing and mind-bending adventures, raising more questions than it answered &ndash, who are the boys te black? Wasgoed that an alien or a fellow te a rubber suit? Is Mulder a mandroid?

They repeated the trick again with Season 6’s vampire gig ‘Bad Blood’, featuring a cameo by Luke Wilson te the world’s most appalling dentures. At least, that’s how Mulder remembered it.

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