ArcheAge weapon, armor, and accessory regrading guide

Successful ArcheAge gear regrading

How to regrade gear te ArcheAge

Regrading Archeage weapons, armor, and accessories is actually fairly elementary merienda you know how, but it’s also fairly expensive.

Regrading gear costs a cojín amount of gold on every attempt. This gold price varies lump by lump but can be around Ten gold for an accessory, and up to 50 gold for some weapons and armor.

On top of the gold cost players also need either an accessory regrade scroll, weapon regrade scroll, or armor regrade scroll, depending on what’s being upgraded. To financially make matters better or worse there are regrade charms spil well. Thesis different charms can be used on different grades of gear during the enchanting process to increase the chance of success.

The actual question: to craft, buy, or wait

Before getting embarked very first there are a few things to know about regrading ArcheAge equipment.

Crafting is often better than buying, however, waiting for someone to simply list the regraded version of the gear can sometimes be the cheapest route. Regrading gear then reselling it truly isn’t profitable except maybe for ehperium and delphinad gear sets and weapons.

Depending on how old the ArcheAge server is, and how rapid the players progressed, the market is often flooded with old level 44 and powerless 50 gear sets that have bot regraded even to celestial sometimes, for much cheaper than it would cost to by hand upgrade it.

All of this also depends on the server regrade scroll prices too.

The three different ArcheAge regrade scrolls

Te ArcheAge there are three different regrading scrolls: a weapon regrade scroll, armor regrade scroll, and accessory regrade scroll. To craft thesis scrolls players need one of three point crystals: sunpoint (weapon), moonpoint (armor), or sunpoint (accessory). The prices of regrade scrolls is harshly proportional to the price of thesis three commodities.

On top of one of the above crystals, players also need one wit regrade scroll for every finished regrade scroll. Thesis usually cost 1-4 gold each and can be crafted two at a time with Ten paper, 1 dawn light lake essence, and 1 blue salt hammer. The paper can be bought or crafted from lumber, dawn can be made from the ricefish ter ArcheAge, and the blue salt hammers can be bought at the caudillo merchants for 1 gold each.

Paper and wit regrade scrolls are crafted at paper presses and the regrade scrolls are made at printing presses.

Weapon regrade scroll description

Weapon regrade scrolls and sunpoints

Making a weapon regrade scroll te ArcheAge uses a sunpoint and a wit regrade scroll. The prices of thesis can vary frantically, presently on Calliel server they both cost around 40 gold each with sunpoints being slightly cheaper than the finished scrolls.

The weapon regrade scrolls usually run cheaper than the armor scrolls, but not always. Sometimes the weapon regrade scrolls peak higher than the armor regrade scrolls, and on some servers it could be totally different.

Armor regrade scroll description

Armor regrade scrolls and moonpoints

Armor regrade scrolls can be crafted using one moonpoint and one wit regrade scroll. Armor regrade scrolls are often the most expensive of the three items. Often thesis can be found at 50 gold.

Thesis scrolls are often the most expensive of the three, with accessory regrade scrolls being the cheapest and weapon regrade scrolls often running ter the middle somewhere.

Accessory regrade scroll description

Accessory regrade scrolls and starpoints

Armor regrade scrolls can be crafted using one starpoint and one wit regrade scroll. Thesis are most often the cheapest of all three ArcheAge regrading scrolls. Most often thesis can be bought for below 20 gold and often below Ten gold spil well. Those prices are subject to switch ter the future of ArcheAge because of gold inflation.

Sunpoints can become expensive on some server too, but generally they truly are the cheapest on many servers.

How to get sunpoints, moonpoints, and starpoints

All of thesis gems can druppel out of coinpurses. Generally the higher the coinpurse level the higher chance of the druppel.

Overall thesis gems are a very zonderling druppel. Chances are that on a loterijlot of servers, bots make many of the point gems.

How to use regrade scrolls to enchant items

On the right is a movie displaying how to regrade weapons, the same system applies for the other two regrade scrolls, armor and accessories. There’s an icon ter the bottom right of every players inventory that permits them to open an enchanting/regrading screen. It costs a almohadilla amount of gold on every enchant and the costs vary by level and voorwerp type. Chest armor may cost more than bracers, and so on.

The chance of success when regrading seems to be pretty random. There are some ways to manipulate it a little. If you have several regrades to do, do one every hour or two and spil soon spil the very first success comes attempt doing two or three more indeed quickly. Some players rechtsvordering this works, feel free to attempt it.

All ArcheAge regrade charms

Enlargening success with regrade charms

There are three different types of ArcheAge regrade charms: green, blue, yellow, and orange. Each of thesis can be used on different grades of gear and give different bonuses. Two of the charms have superior tegenstoot parts which can be used on any grade of gear.

For starters, merienda gear reaches arcane grade, then players can use a green regrade charm on every attempt te order to get a +75% chance of success. Thesis are the cheapest of the four regrade charms.

The next is available merienda gear reaches heroic. It is the blue regrade charm, which can only be used when attempting to regrade a heroic voorwerp. This charm also increases the chance of success by 75%.

After heroic, there’s a charm available for unique gear, which also works on voorwerp grades below unique. This charm is the yellow regrade charm, and it increases the chance of success by +50%. Thesis charms cost much more than the green and blue ones, so they should only be used on unique gear.

There’s also a charm for any grade of gear. This is the superior yellow regrade charm, and it increases the chance of success by +50% on any grade of gear.

There’s also a crimson regrade charm which increases the chance of success by +100%. This charm can only be used on unique gear. There’s a superior crimson regrade charm spil well which increases the chance of success on any grade of gear by +100%. The superior crimson regrade charms are hundreds of gold, and pretty much a requirement when attempting to regrade mythic ArcheAge gear.

Success, failure, degrading and destruction

Regrading ArcheAge weapons, armor, and accessories doesn’t always just succeed. Sometimes failure can toebijten, which wastes the scroll, charm, and almohadilla gold cost.

Up until heroic, regrading can only result te success or failure. Merienda the voorwerp reaches heroic, there’s a chance it can go down a grade on failure instead of just failing. This resumes from heroic until celestial.

Merienda gear reach celestial things get much worse. When an enchant attempt fails at celestial or higher there’s a chance it can be ruined. This is why getting mythic grade gear is almost unlikely.

There is one hope for getting mythic gear ter ArcheAge however, and that’s the resplendent weapon regrade scroll, resplendent armor regrade scroll, and the resplendent accessory regrade scroll.

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