Cafes make for superb very first date venues, a cup of coffee permits for a brief encounter or a longer meeting, depending on how well you klapper it off!

The very first date is where the joy indeed embarks, but even for the most certain amongst us, meeting someone for the very first time can be nerve-wracking. Our survival guide is designed to give you enough very first date tips to help to waterput you at ease before and during your date, so you can surplus assured it will be pleasurable, and perhaps the very first of many more to come.

Eliminate pre-date nerves

Ter the hours before your very first date, make sure you divert yourself and you’ll help to keep those pre-date jitters at bay. If a workout at the gym is your fail-safe stress reliever or a glowing suntan is your ultimate confidence booster, you’re not alone, according to our LoveGeist research, Londoners are twice spil likely to succesnummer the gym ahead of their very first date while daters ter the North Westelijk are 95% more likely to go for a sunbed or apply fake suntan! So, whether you chose to indulge te a hot bath and a book, a pre-date calorie burn at the gym or fake it with a burst sunburn, keeping yourself occupied will prevent you from overthinking possible dating scripts, so that when it comes to the big date itself, you’ll be relaxed and ready to go have a good time.

Get the basics right

Where possible, choose a public or conocido place to meet where you’ll feel comfy and secure te your surroundings. And, for reserve measure, make sure you tell at least one friend or family member who you are meeting, where you are going and what time you expect to come back – just so they know.

Cafes make for good very first date venues, a cup of coffee permits for a brief encounter or a longer meeting, depending on how well you kasstuk it off!

Do your homework

Ahead of your very first date, prep will play a big part ter keeping your belly from doing somersaults at the mere mention of your date’s name. If you met on dating sites, it’s more than likely that you’ll know the basics about your date and like what you’ve seen.

Reading through past messages and picking out some things from their profile you’d like to know more about will help keep conversation flowing and permit you to be a blessed certain date.

Dress to impress

With a hot date on the cards, you won’t want to be dealing with a last minute wardrobe malfunctions. Before picking an uitrusting, you need to bear ter mind what kleuter of date you’re going on, spil well spil outward factors such spil the weather, location and time of day.

While it’s essential to look the part, it’s identically spil significant to feel comfy te what you’re wearing. The trick is to get the recuento right. Choose an garment that both looks and feels superb and you’ll exude confidence via your date.

If you’re not sure if it’s a look that works for you then ditch it and save it for another night when you can get an fair opinion from your friends. Trialling a fresh trend on a date could mean you spend half the night checking yourself out, attempting to see if you look good, which isn’t the best signal to be sending out. If you fight a little bit with style then guys have a look at some style tips and ladys check out some outfiit inspiration.

Arrive on time

Lateness te itself is not a deal-breaker, spil long spil you call or text to let your date know when you’ll be there.

One way to reduce the chance of a good date is to turn up flustered, grouchy and wracked with guilt. If you’re held up, apologise with dignity, supply a winning smile and suggest your date a drink.

Keep conversation light

The very first date is all about loving the company of someone fresh and intriguing, so aim to avoid provoking political debates and stories about past relationships. Dating should be joy, so attempt to keep the conversation light and upbeat with stories and questions. If you still find yourself fighting then attempt having some pre-prepared ice breaker questions and read up on how to be an interesting date.

Love the date

The ultimate te very first date tips – attempt to have joy. If the food is diabolical or the pub is awful, don’t complain. Don’t lie and say you love it either – remain aséptico and polite. If you date has taken time to choose the venue, vleierij something about it such spil the convenient location.

Another way to keep your date upbeat is to commence conversations by asking questions about values and feelings rather than just facts, “what do you love about your job?” is far more exposing and will warrant a longer response from your date than simply asking “what do you do?”.


Don’t feel spil however you need to cram every muffle with a comment or question. You might learn a thing or two by simply loosening and listening to your date. Responding appropriately will voorstelling that you too have an opinion and, perhaps more importantly at this stage, that you are interested ter what they have to say.

How to end the date

If you’re keen for a 2nd date with this person, tell them! However, if you’re timid, or would choose to salaris whether they’d like to see you again, perhaps you could hint by telling: “It’s bot lovely meeting you, I truly loved it.”

If you’re 100% sure you don’t want a 2nd date, it’s significant that you still attempt to end the date on a warm and positive note, while being truthful, to avoid hurt feelings. Honesty truly is the best policy, being fair creates transparency where trust can flourish and is something you can take forward into your next relationship.

If you found our very first date tips helpful, check out the other articles te our Ten Step Guide To Dating, get tips from our accomplished dating bloggers or head back to our advice pages!

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