Itazura na Smooch – Mischievous Smooch (Taiwanese, Korean And Japanese version) Review

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Many of us truly adore Korean dramas such spil The Heirs, My Love From The Starlet, Marriage Not Dating, Emergency Duo and etc. But before this stuk’s became popular worldwide, there is a Taiwanese romantic comedy stuk that is popularly known ter the entire world and that is It Commenced With A Smooch and They Smooch Again.

Both dramas were based on a Japanese manga. ISWAK wasgoed broadcast te Taiwan from September 25, 2005 to February 12, 2006. And it wasgoed followed by it’s sequel, They Smooch Again which wasgoed broadcast from March 26, 2007 to January Nineteen, 2008.

But wij have also a Korean version of this toneelstuk popularly known spil Playful Smooch starring Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So-min. And the latest version is from Japan popularly known spil Itazura Na Smooch: Love te Tokyo and Itazura Na Smooch Two: Love te Tokyo.

Taiwanese version

It Began With A Smooch And They Smooch Again

Taiwanese version: It Began With A Smooch And They Smooch Again

What ventilatoren love about ISWAK and TKA?

Unlike others who said that it is boring to observe ISWAK, for mij, it wasgoed upbeat and interesting. Maybe because I observed it eight years ago when it wasgoed very first aired ter the Philippines. That wasgoed a very, very long time ago but still I find it titillating and considers it spil one of the best Taiwanese schouwspel that I observed ter my entire life. Another thing is that this schouwspel is a part of my childhood. And it is part of my high schoolgebouw life.

To start with, I became a fan of Ariel Lin from the very first time I spotted hier on ISWAK. She is enormously good te acting. The most embarrassing uur of this toneelstuk wasgoed when Ariel talent a letterteken to hier crush (Joe Cheng) but the fellow did not accept it. Well, majority of us, particularly those high schoolgebouw students did it also and wasgoed also rejected by their crush. The difference of this toneelstuk to others is that it depicts reality, the life of teenagers.

If you observed this stuk you will surely love, laugh and sob.

The value of life does not depend on the physical but depends on what wij have done ter life.

&mdash, — Zhi Shu/ They Smooch Again

ARJOE Loveteam Fever

Joe Cheng and Ariel Lin has become part of my life. Sometimes I also wished that they become actual life duo but that wasgoed just a fantasy for mij because Ariel Lin is now joyfully married. But even if that’s what toebijten, I still proceed to admire them spil an actor who made my heart hits swifter make mij laugh and sob. The two of them have chemistry that is why they have so many ventilatoren around the world who until now supports them.

And believe it or not, I learned Mandarin Chinese because of them. I learned to sing Mandapop also thanks to them. For some teenagers today who want to observed a Taiwanese romantic comedy toneelstuk, then I very recommend this to you. If you want to laugh and sob then you should see ISWAK.

It Embarked With A Smooch gig 1! Witness it now!

Korean version

: Playful Smooch/Mischievous Smooch

Korean version: Playful Smooch

What to expect on &quot,Playful Smooch&quot,, the Korean version?

After Boy Overheen Flowers, Kim Hyun-joong wasgoed chosen to play the role of Baek Seung-jo opposite to actress Jung So-min. This time, wij will talked about the Korean version of this toneelstuk. I am already habitual with Kim Hyun-joong because I’ve seen him ter the schouwspel Boys Overheen Flower and wij can’t deny it that he is a good actor. But I am not hogareño with the female lead because it wasgoed the very first I spotted hier on the stuk. Each toneel is very funny and will make you laugh until your belly ache from laughter.

Its not only sweet, charming, entertaining but also depicts a solid family ties and friendship assumes a dinámico part to our lives. It’s awesome and I adore it to the moon and back! This is one of the best Korean toneelstuk that I observed. And you will surely relate on the story. But I like more the Taiwanese version especially for the masculine lead role. But still the Korean version is beautiful and will make you laugh.

The firmer it is to achieve a desire, the more meaningful it is to go for it.

&mdash, — Baek Seung-jo/ Playful Smooch

Kim Hyun Joong and Jung So Minteken Duo

Love the acting of both Kim Hyun-joong and Jung So minteken. Absolutely enamored with this series. The personages & group and the music everything is idealize te this series.

Exceptionally well personages. It goes without telling my rente lies ter Baek Seung Jo (ter light of the fact that I love Kim hyun Joong). He attempts so hard not to be attracted to Oh Hectare Ni. He says, at a certain point, that he wasn’t going to switch for hier however he lays down with the light on, helps hier to probe, helps hier to cook the tennis group supper. I could imagine them having their two children, a super shrewd youthful lady that looked like Oh Hectare Ni and a boy looking like Baek Seung Jo who is confused. Obviously, for all the flack Baek Seung-jo provided for Oh Hectare Ni about being so inept and not having any desire to wed a youthful lady like hier, he ought to wind up with a youthful lady like hier.

Playful Smooch Trailer! See it now!

Japanese version

Itazura Na Smooch: Love Ter Tokyo and Itazura Na Smooch Two: Love Te Tokyo

Japanese version: Itazura Na Smooch: Love Te Tokyo and Itazura Na Smooch Two: Love Te Tokyo

What ventilatoren love about Itazura Na smooch Love Te Tokyo?

This time wij will talked about the latest version, Itazura Na Smooch: Love te Tokyo starring Yuki Furukawa and Miki Honoka. When I heard that there is a Japanese version of this toneelstuk, I instantly searched online and observed it. But of course out of my curiosity on the personages profiles, I also research on it and found out that Miki is the youngest actress to play lead role ter all version. And she is also a fan of Ariel Lin.

I love the personages of this schouwspel. They are so natural ter playing their roles. Particularly Kotoko (Miki), the way she portrays Kotoko’s character is very natural, maybe because she’s at the same age spil Kotoko and she has that splendid and sprightly personality herself. Yuki plays exceptionally well, makes us proceed on guessing his feelings and what’s inwards his head.

Overall this is a welvoeglijk adaption of the manga. I truly admire the plot and the casting. It’s the closest adaptation to the manga and the characters were simply superb. Yuki Furukawa without a doubt is the ideal Irie Naoki. He packed the role so well. He wasgoed able to portray the role of Naoki.

Yuki And Miki Spil A Duo te Itazura Na Smooch Love Te Tokyo

Kotoko wasgoed quieter and most significant ter this version of toneelstuk, which I loved.It likewise appeared like she could practically overlook Naoki if Naoki wasn’t discretely attempting to keep hier in-affection with him spil well, which merienda more, I truly adored. Miki Honoko’s acting and outward appearances were super charming spil well, and I could never have guessed and believed that she wasgoed just 16 ter positivo life.

Actually, I didn’t even mind the age gap inbetween the two of them. If I never had a research on their profiles, I will still think that they are about the same age. Yuki Furukawa played the part of Irie Naoki splendidly. I mean he’s the ideal gezond for Naoki.

One of the things I adore about this adaptation is watching Naoki progressively become hopelessly ter love with Kotoko while playing it cool. I thought Yuki Furukawa talent a terrefic spectacle spil the bored, unconcerned, frequently egotistical not-yet-beau. He appeared to catch Irie Naoki’s identity impeccably.

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