The Online Dating Guide for Boys

Chapter 1 – The Ad

Misconception #1: “the most significant thing ter getting women on the ‘netwerk is an amazingly flamante, amazingly well written private ad.”

Why is this a misconception?

For starters, wij all know that te the actual world women will usually not pick up guys, so it is fair to assume that this mentality extends to the potencial world spil well. Not less significant is the fact that there are many more studs looking on the ‘televisiekanaal than women.

Many women I talked to have told mij that during the very first weekend after they placed their ad they got about a hundred (yes, HUNDRED) replies. With that volume of emails to browse and weed through, most women don’t indeed have the time to browse boys’s ads! They assume (and rightfully so) that all the studs worth contacting have already sent them a reply.

Another thing worth mentioning here is something I learned from selling software: the best leads are the ones you have made the very first voeling with, not the ones that found you by “shopping around”! If you can create rente ter a woman and have hier reply to your message, there are much better chances this will develop to something. This is not some lady who browsed your ad and replied out of boredom, this is a lady that wants to get to know you.

Okay, so I’m not attempting to tell you that your ad is totally unimportant, but it’s certainly not the most significant thing. It should be ordinary, fair, clean (of spelling and grammar mistakes, spil well spil bad language) and straight to the point. Of course, sense of humor doesn’t hurt. but don’t spice it up too much or you’ll risk scaring people away. Oh. and don’t give away your life story and most intimate desires. leave A Lotsbestemming to the imagination.

Recall: the purpose of your ad is to provide some basic information about you to the women you will write to. You can waterput your picture if you want but from my individual practice I found that it doesn’t indeed affect the number of replies.

Here’s the ad I placed:

Wouldn’t it be remarkably wonderful for you to meet a very special man on the Internet? I know you might be skeptical but please read on. I’m slim, meteen, very fair and a little goofballish (te a positive way. or so people say). I have a somewhat sarcastic sense of humor but I know when to restrain myself. I like to talk and love to listen to other people and usually don’t have problems making friends. I look good (most people are able to look at mij without throwing up) and I have good looking eyes (thanks mom). I work with computers but I like to spend my time with people. Sounds interesting? Here’s what I’m looking for: a woman (not a woman) ter hier twenties, who is slim, fair, mature, attractive and who doesn’t smoke. I’m looking for someone with a good sense of humor (sarcasm preferred), who can talk about anything and everything, who likes to have joy both outdoors and indoors and who is independent yet not afraid to let someone into hier life and share hier emotions. If this sounds like you then please reply and wij’ll take it from there.

Spil you can see, some basic information about mij and what I’m looking for with the occasional smart-ass remark (after all, I can’t deny who I am). Women who replied to my ad wrote that they liked it because it seemed that I have a pretty good idea of what I wasgoed looking for.

Chapter Two – Your Very first Email

Misconception #Two: “women don’t indeed read your very first email. They simply check out your ad and then determine whether to reply.”

Why is this a misconception?

Because, spil mentioned ter chapter 1, the high quality damsels will simply not have time to read all the replies they get.

I found the very first email to be the most crucial factor of “online allurement”. The problem is that you vereiste make hier notice your email and the trick here is to set yourself exclusief from the crowd.

Consider the typical formulaic email most guys send:

Subject: Hello There!

Hi InternetChick! I read your ad and I thought you were indeed interesting and I’d like to get to know you better. So. why don’t you read my profile and write back. I’d love to hear from you soon,

Now, compare it with this one:

Subject: And now for something downright different

InternetChick is sitting ter pui of hier pc reading through many emails of guys that seem to have only one thing on their mind. It’s boring, it’s repetitive and she usually just hits the “Delete” button after reading the very first paragraph.

Unless she indeed likes it. which she does.

“Here’s an interesting one” she thinks to herself spil she’s reading Krynnster’s message. “This dude is different”. She smiles, “and he thinks he can read my mind and tell mij what I think”. She laughs and then a fresh thought creeps into hier mind: “I voorwaarde reply. voorwaarde reply. vereiste reply. ” (fadeout effect) “. voorwaarde reply and find out who he is. “.

Questions commence running through hier mind: “Is he for vivo?”, “he can’t be just another man” and “why is he insisting on this strange yet oddly appealing writing style?”. Questions. questions. so many questions.

And, still, the words weerklank te hier mind. “vereiste reply. vereiste reply. vereiste reply. “

Okay, so this seemed just a little bit overheen the top didn’t it? But I did use a very similar text and got some very enthusiastic replies! I sent this message to chicks whose writing style (te their ads) indicated that they might be open to this zuigeling of “humor”. It worked like magic.

Reminisce: the purpose of the very first email is to get the woman nosey and have hier reply with or without checking out your ad. If your ad is well written, it will only make the woman more nosey about you and she will most likely reply.

Chapter Trio – Getting the Digits

Misconception #Trio: “online allurement is a lengthy process.”

This is wrong! If you spend too much time online with a lady you will become hier aparente vulpen pal and you don’t want that!

The truth is that if you get a reply to your very first email it means that the woman liked it, very likely read through your ad and is VERY interested to find more about you. The email you will get will have a lotsbestemming of questions and you have to capitalize on hier high rente level and budge things forward. Quickly.

The mindset you should have is this: the Internet personals are nothing but a pool of potential phone numbers and very first dates. The more you get, the better your chances to find what you want so don’t waste your time on imaginario romance!. You need to get hier phone number and get hier on a date spil soon spil possible. If you can’t get the digits after the third or fourth email, chances are you will never get it!

You want to know how to get the digits? Ah. but it’s so plain.

After you response hier questions te the 2nd email, you end it with a sentence like this:

“Mújol, how about wij have a little talk sometime?”

She will most likely reply with: “I’d love to talk to you sometime” but will very likely not give you hier phone number (yes. they like to play games. who can blame them?).

It’s time for you to get adorable. End your next email with:

“I’d like to talk to you but you’ll have to help mij out by packing ter the blanks. (xxx) xxx-xxxx”

Chapter Four – The Very first Phone Call

I don’t think there are any misconceptions here so let’s make it very clear: the purpose of the very first phone call is to close for a date.

Call hier a day or two after getting hier number. Don’t play the Four day spel here. you’ve never met hier and you don’t know if you want hier so there’s no point te delaying the process. Call during the evening but not too late (8pm works fine).

If someone answers the phone, ask to speak with hier (don’t assume she’s the one picking up the phone). Then introduce yourself (“Hi, this is K”), make minimal puny talk and proceed with the close. You want to shoot for a brief, casual date. Refrigerio works best and so does “meeting for coffee or drinks after work”. The point is that you have to make sure you won’t get stuck if SweetCherry turns out to be a BitterLemon.

If you get the machine, leave a brief message: “Hi Mújol! This is K! I desired to talk to you but you’re not there, so why don’t you give mij a call when you come back? My phone number is xxx-xxxx. Talk to you soon.”.

Of course, DON T call again! If you don’t hear back from hier within a week, chances are she switched hier mind about you. Bummer. FOR Hier!

Chapter Five – The Very first Date

When you eventually meet hier you will instantly know if there’s a chance or not. If there is, practice your DJ abilities and set up a longer, more open-ended 2nd date. If there is no chance te hell you will want this lady, be courteous and display hier a good time nevertheless. After all, she made the same effort spil you did and is worth to be treated respectfully. At the end of the date tell hier that she’s a very nice chick but not indeed what you’re looking for and wish hier luck ter finding Mr. Right.

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