Top 43 Reviews and Complaints about Bumble

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43 Bumble Consumer Reviews and Complaints

This is app is horrible. Permanently shows the SAME people and they don’t even have to have a bio!! Always glitchy and crashing. Only ONE picture is required and it doesn’t even have to be them. It can be scenery!! What is that!? NO customer service whatsoever and if you complain they block your account and steal your money. I paid $49.99 for Three months of service and they turn down to refund mij so I filed a dispute with my bankgebouw. Entire company is a SCAM. STAY FAR FAR AWAY.

The two problems that have bot most frustrating to mij are 1) The location of a potential match is determined through GPS, so it shows up that they live ter my city, but they may just be visiting, traveling through, etc. Two) You are going on very little information, at times just a photograph, or a schrijven description. I am a busy person and want to get some sense of a person’s values, interests and other areas of compatibility before investing time ter establishing a connection. I want to see a detailed profile and compatibility questions answered. I regret having bot drawn into paying for a subscription, especially since there is no way to get a refund merienda you do. If you find yourself ter this position, make sure to tejadillo it through iTunes on your phone, or you will proceed to be charged merienda this subscription runs out.

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Gratefully my friend called mij to tell mij about a profile on Bumble that had numerous pictures of mij with my children from 7-9 years ago. Someone ripped off pictures from my FB account and illegally created a profile. That is sick. This application should be taken down instantaneously. I am going to voeling the police and Bumble instantly.

7 weeks ago I joined Bumble and it seems like a superb app to use for free! Packed out the profile with excellent details and numerous respectable photos. I’m gezond, I look superb, have job, no previous stuk gf, no kids, no drugs, no smoke, no drank, my rente and hobbies are almost everything! So finding common ground wasgoed the only kwestie and should’ve bot effortless. 6 weeks go by and I vereiste’ve liked 300 people, zero likes back, zero messages. I wasgoed like what’s the overeenkomst here.

So I determined to make a 2nd account using my sister’s informatie and photos to see if wij could find each other, if likes could be exchanged, and if wij could exchanges messages. She lives close about 7 miles away. So set the filters up to Ten mile radius. Flipped through about 30 people and I did find hier, but my profile wasgoed nowhere to be found! So I figured Bumble talent mij some free tokens, determined to attempt a super like! Well she never received it! So I learned if you ain’t paying, then you ain’t a playing. Went to confront Bumble on their app reviews and Facebook and they blocked mij, but told mij to write them my issues on their facebook pagina.

So here’s what I learned from the free end, no one will everzwijn see my profile! Now maybe if I were to pay for a subscription, then maybe they could see my profile, but hell I’m not gonna do that because if I have any problems I’m up ** creek with no spanking paddle for help from this company. Which explains the no likes and no messages. I see other people here providing it a Five strak review and it may have bot Five starlets before, but now it’s not even a strak. The people running Bumble should be waterput te jail, for false advertisement/ misrepresentation/ collecting gegevens under false pretenses / and I’m sure theres others that I’m not aware of!

On a scale of 1-10, I would give this dating 0 strak. A bunch of thieves who will drain your account. When you subscribe, it tells you when to persiana if you don’t want to be charged but even if you that, you will incur numerous charges from this company. The dating service itself does not work – a big scam.

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Last summer I subscribed to this dating app. It had very few dating matches suggested ter my area but I had purchased a Trio month membership. Before the end of the Trio month period I deleted my account and app, so I thought. What I did not realize is the account wasgoed set to proceed renewing until I went to iTunes to zekering the charges. Somehow emails that came every Three months got by mij without my notice. I am not one to check email frequently and especially if it emerges to be junk mail.

So just yesterday I discovered they have charged mij overheen $200 te renewal fees since last summer when I deleted the account. I contacted both Bumble and Apple and neither were willing to refund my money. I feel it should be unlawful to set up a system that requires the user to opt out of a renewal system. It should be the opposite. If a consumer wants their account to renew then they should have to take an act to opt te. I project to proceed to attempt to get my money refunded for a service I wasgoed not using. To mij, this is a lubricious way for companies to make money on consumers who are not diligent to look out for such loopholes.

Oh, where do I embark?! ONE– You don’t truly know if the person you may fancy lives within your desired area or not. It goes by the GPS on their phone, so you may think they are within your surroundings, and they could live 1000 miles away (think pilots, or even people visiting family, vacationing, or traveling on business). TWO– I did end up purchasing a 3-month membership because a man popped up that looked interesting to mij. I thought it wasgoed weird because I hadn’t swiped right on him, so I shouldn’t have bot able to see that he swiped right on mij. But, I wasgoed intrigued and paid for Trio months ter order to “meet” him (I could only see his picture). Turned out, he lives ter San Antonio, which is WAY out of my range (I live te Dallas). Wij’ve kept up a friendship, but that is the only good thing that has come from this App. But, I’m still suspicious about how he came into my purview when I didn’t have a “membership” and I didn’t swipe on him.

Is it crazy to think algorithms may have played a part te the app making someone who interested mij enough to PURCHASE a “membership” voorstelling up my end, even tho’ that’s not how it works. (If you pay for the app, you get notifications when people have swiped on you, even if you toevluchthaven’t swiped on them — and you can see their picture and all their information. I could only see his picture, but he looked nice, so I paid to get the surplus of his information (hook!).) But I don’t trust thesis things, and will always be suspicious about that.

THREE– Guys are stupid. I think a loterijlot of them swipe on every chick, that way they know when someone swipes on them. Then, they get to determine if they truly are interested ter you. Or, maybe it’s just an ego tour. If they swipe on everyone, they know when someone wasgoed interested enough to swipe on them, but they weren’t truly interested ter you, so they don’t keep up a conversation. IDK. Just weird. FOUR– Before my “membership” expired, I hadn’t had a “kasstuk” te weeks. Of course, merienda my membership expired, I began to get notifications of dudes who had (supposedly) swiped on mij. (LOL! Don’t take the hook.)

FIVE–Finally, AND THIS IS THE STRAW THAT BROKE THE CAMEL’S BACK. I did get a kasstuk a duo of days ago, where this fellow and I both actually swiped on each other (believe mij, that’s Zonderling! ), and wij began a conversation. Of course, I (spil the woman) have to embark the conversation (and by this time I’m thinking, “I hope you’re not some jack who swiped on everybody.” LOL). He responded (and he actually sounded interested, not just stupid), and I responded back. Well, abruptly the conversation just “vanishes”. What. I’m guessing you (Bumble) don’t want people to meet each other unless they are paying for your app. Sheesh! Sorry, this is so long. And, to think I’ve only bot using this app since January. Haha. Very disappointing. (Note: I am 54-years-old, so I’m sure the practice is different for each age group.)

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