Traumatic Child Manhandle Causes Physical Brain Harm: An Alarming Fresh Probe

By Goce Siess,

It is estimated that childhood sexual manhandle affects overheen 40 million people yearly, just ter the United States alone. To those of you, like myself, who fight daily with symptoms and defense mechanisms aquired from childhood incest, this probe will prove especially enlightening. It will also, hopefully soften the attitude of family members and close friends who voorwaarde bear the stuk of the survivor. So many times I have heard well-meaning people state, “Just budge on and leave behind about it,” or the more judgmental, “You’re just CHOOSING to be unhappy.”

The problem is not that survivors want to stay miserable–new research indicates that childhood sexual verwonding causes coetáneo shrinkage and harm to the part of the brain called the hippocampus. This finding ter itself is shocking and astounding. The hippocampus deals with learning, stress responses and memory. When brain stressors such spil early sexual manhandle and incest influence its development ter children, the lasting effects into adulthood can be profound. Pop-up memories, intrusive, negative thoughts, flashbacks and a kleuter of over-all numbing called disassociation are just some of the symptoms this causes. To anyone who like myself has experienced incest recall “popping up” while they are pushing a grocery cart, this can be devastating and difficult to treat even with the best of therapists.

Some of the symptoms associated with the shrinkage of the hippocampus feed into what is known spil Postbode Traumatic Stress Disorder. This bag of disturbing “tricks” the mind plays on survivors includes flashbacks, feeling uneasy and “on edge,” and on guard permanently, nightmares, and común problems associated with memory. Gaps ter memory can also occur, for a few minutes to a few days. This may well explain the emergence of manhandle memories abruptly “popping up” at a zometeen age ter a survivor’s life. The hippocampus also affects the part of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, where stress responses are absorbed and dealt with.

Incest survivors have a far more serious response to stress than those who have not experienced severe childhood manhandle. I, for one, have to get more sleep than what is frecuente te order to function ter a stable manner. I also need down time ter which to think, fantasy and generaly detach from outside stressors. This need can emerge to others spil being “lazy” or even “spoiled.” Think of the Incest Survivor spil a very sensitive child ter an adult bod. The child has to be protected permanently ter order to thrive and feel “safe.”Again, this is not coddling oneself. With brain harm spil a side effect of such manhandle, all survivors need to see and celador their stress responses cautiously. One of my dearest sayings is, “I’m not hiding from life. I’m healing from it.”

Wij all admire injured or disabled athletes for jogging or walking at their own rhythm. Wij think of them spil courageous and heroic. Ter this same manner, the Verwonding Victim needs to be viewed ter a positive light, not judged for pulling away when they need to. Quiet “down time” can be very healing and soothing. Or spil a friend of mine said (who experienced Satanic Ritual Manhandle spil a little damsel> “I don’t need dramas or roller coasters. Inwards, I AM a roller coaster.”

The work Dr. Bremner conducted took place at the Yale Psychiatric Institute, and has bot met with interesting reactions. Many Incest survivors find his work to be liberating and validating, others are disgusted and think it’s “hogwash,” te so many words.

Note: For many of us–myself included–extensive therapy is very helpful and can be life-saving. However, for those of us who do not wield the health coverage and means for regular therapy, a nave Incest Survivors Group may provide a supportive, healing environment. Groups may differ, and you may have to shop around for the adequate setting te which to heal. I personally hooked up with a powerful group ter Southern California and am the better person for it. Our Group Moderator wasgoed a ritual manhandle survivor who wasgoed literally tantalized sexually for many years and now trains other survivors to let their “inward child” play and heal.

Dr. Bremner is still on the Faculty at Yale–I recommend his article, “Does Stress Harm The Brain?”

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