What I meant to say wasgoed that I commenced watching Dr.

1) Same spiritual beliefs or close

1. How does he treat his mother?(can’t be a momma’s boy, but he has to love and showcase concern for the women te his family)

Pretty a loterijlot of requirements.

My top five things would be:

the capability to laugh at himself is a vereiste.

ideally he’ll want to share those things with mij.

engage te meaningful conversations.

need to be able to read his emotions te his eyes and know that he is

&quot,there&quot,, not just a shell of a person.

Sorry, I wasgoed attempting to reply to schoolgirlforreal and lined up wrong. I did like your top five however.

I can do 1,Two,Three, and Five LOL But I get jealous for sure

if you can do No.Five ideally well, then wij can actually neglect the jealous part especially if you are getting jealous for the actual reasons and not out of suspicions or outward suggestions. But I am afraid, I can’t compromise on No.Two and No.1 and most especially No.Trio. So are you ready?

1. Looks- shallow I know, but c’mon. that’s the very first thing you judge a person on.

Te fairness to &quot,bashful chicks&quot,, I think you misunderstand the many different types of shyness a person can have. There is such a thing spil strong, decisive, and even certain person who has some shyness of one sort or another. There are also a loterijlot of people who have some types of shyness but nobody would truly guess it ter most circumstances. I know that’s not what this thread is about, but spil a person who has always had a little &quot,peripheral&quot, shyness (and doesn’t have a lotsbestemming of patience for the indecisiveness of a lotsbestemming of other people, I needed to clear that up. )

I totally get the bashful part you explained

If that &quot,congratulations&quot, wasgoed for mij. No, congratulations. After I married someone who met all those &quot,lofty&quot, qualifications? Divorced!! Now I’m zuigeling of wondering if loud-mouthed goons and no strings fastened may not be the way to go.

1. Similar spiritual views

Two. Active and outdoorsy (minimally, she vereiste love going for walks or bike rails)

Trio. Forgiving nature but not a doormat

Four. Takes intimity gravely/emotionally (not totally skin obsessed)

Five. If she can sit with mij and see Doctor Who for eight hrs straight, then the very first four are negotiable.

The most significant thing is time. But you dreamed five things so it would be time X Five. By this I mean that making a hasty decision could demolish your life. So get to know the other person well. Begin out spil friends and maybe group date at very first. Overheen two years or more you’ll have the answers to most questions. This is especially significant for youthfull people spil their personalities, emotions, and world view switch — and often. And don’t leave behind about life-altering mishaps. She might love long hikes and bicycling, but what if she all of a sudden becomes permanently disabled? However &quot,love&quot, is defined, it can be sorely tested at times.

. or what if she abruptly develops a Scifi phobia and can’t proceed watching Dr. Who?

Huh? I suppose you directed that at mij?

Well, if she gets sick of Doctor Who, then I hope I didn’t take a bath on the other four.

I mean, there are like 27 seasons to get through.

Of course, if that runs its course, there’s always Twin Peaks.

The bath is just a metaphor. You know like when you take a bath on an investment.

Ter other words, one of my all time faves.

I used to observe it.

You used to observe Twin Peaks? So why’d you ask about it? I figured you mustve since wij’re moerbout the same age and wij both take an rente te that sort of thing. Or wasgoed that like a popquiz?

BTW, if u check out DrWho, go for the gigs from the 60’s and early 70’s very first. The writing is so much better.

@ Jonathan, When you were watching Twin Peaks ter 1990 I wasgoed just getting off the airplane and wasgoed too busy attempting to learn English and attempting to getraind ter high schoolgebouw.

What I meant to say wasgoed that I began watching Dr. Who spil an adult and I liked it. I had to give it up so that I could have more time to read and write. I’ve struggled with the language barrier since I moved here at the age of 15 te 1990. I’ve lived here longer than I lived ter Cuba, and I know both languages halfway. It’s weird not having a superior language, but I attempt. I read a loterijlot (ter English and Spanish) and most English-speaking people think I wasgoed born te the US because I don’t have an accent (most of the time). I’ve bot told that I have an unusual way of modulating my voice that makes a Cuban scrape his head and wonder if I’m Cuban at all. Maybe because I’m not the noisy, total geflirt (hard to chew that one, but yes!)stereotype of a Cuban woman? I don’t know.

Either way, I wasgoed joking with you on the bath. I wasgoed attempting to spark the conversation (twin peaks? bath?) but it went right above your head! I wasgoed just messing with you.

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