Why Every Adult Should Live Alone at Some Point ter Life

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Living Alone is Pretty Awesome

I am not usually the type to insult other online writers. I understand everyone has his or hier own opinion and everyone is entitled to that. However, today I read an article on Yahoo that frustrated mij. I do not disagree with the writer, but I do disagree on how she proves hier point. The article is called “Why Every Woman Should Live Alone Before Marriage.” While I do believe every adult should live alone at some point ter life, she specifically speaks to women and she hardly everzwijn lived alone.

I think the writer has good advice to give everyone. She is proud that she lived for 6 weeks by herself all without the help of roommates, parents, or a hubby. Wow. Many of us have bot doing that for years or even decades. The article is a bit of an insult to those of us that have truly lived alone for many years and actually know what it is like. Te my opinion, the article sets women back a bit. Is it a revelation that some of us are actually independent and can live without the help of others paying our rent? Believe it or not, many of us gals can actually live alone fairly successfully for more than 6 weeks! Gasp!

Ter my opinion, every ADULT should live alone at least merienda te his or hier life. There are many dudes that never live by themselves either. Mom is always willing to do the laundry while hier son plays movie games for hours te the “man cave” and doesn’t bother getting a full-time job. Perhaps it would be a major achievement for him to live by himself for 6 weeks, too! For most of us, being an adult means living alone at some time and 6 weeks is scarcely any time at all. If a person hasn’t had the chance to do live alone at some point ter life, I very recommend it for many reasons.

Rule the Remote!

Cool Stuff You Can Do When You Live Alone

There is so much awesomeness ter living by yourself! I have bot living by myself for about Ten years now. I truly love it most of the time. Yes, sometimes I think I love it a little too much and perhaps it would be difficult for mij to live with someone else, but hey, I can adapt. Anyone can adapt to living with someone else or adapt to living alone. I personally believe you should attempt both options at least merienda ter life to determine which you choose.

Some of the fine things you can do when you live by yourself are:

  • Dance like no one is watching. because no one is watching! Go crazy!
  • Walk around half-dressed or nude anytime you want.
  • Observe terrible reality shows all weekend and never admit it to anyone.
  • Talk to yourself and reaction yourself if you like.
  • Read without anyone annoying you.
  • Sleep whenever you want.
  • Stay awake spil late spil you’d like.
  • Come and go whenever you want.
  • Sing te the shower at the top of your lungs.
  • Decorate your huis entirely the way you want it.
  • Adopt spil many pets spil you want, name them whatever you’d like while you are at it.
  • Eat cereal for dinner and eat pizza for breakfast.
  • Be a slob if you want.
  • Be spil neat spil humanly possible if it makes you glad.
  • Sleep on whatever side of the bloembed you choose.
  • Don’t bother sharing any of your food.
  • You can be the all-mighty ruler of the remote control!
  • There is no need to explain any of your deeds.
  • Snore, fart, or burp anytime you want without worrying about it.
  • Make spil much noise spil humanly possible until your neighbors complain.
  • Have anyone overheen that you like, any time day or night.
  • You never have to clean up after anyone else.

Read Whatever You Want – There is No One to Judge You

Living Single

If you’ve everzwijn lived alone, did you love it?

Some of the Not So Awesome Aspects of Living Alone

Te all fairness, there are certainly downsides to living by yourself. Everyday is not a picnic, and that is why some of us that love being single eventually look for a companion. Albeit each day can be a learning practice living alone, some practices you need to only learn merienda before you determine you’d never like to do that again.

There are valuable lessons to be learned from the difficult times. Each adult should practice thesis character building moments, but they can be painful. Some of the negative aspects of living alone that make you a stronger, better person are:

  • Blubbering yourself to sleep alone because of a difficult practice that day.
  • Killing a spider on your own or dealing with the mouse infestation te the kitchen without help.
  • Learning the hard way that sometimes you voorwaarde call the repair person instead of fixing whatever is violated yourself.
  • Determining whether you are going to pay your phone bill for the month or have enough food to eat since you can’t afford both.
  • Attempting to figure out how to make chicken noodle soup for yourself while you are sick.
  • Having to get up and investigate that scary sound te the middle of the night on your own.
  • Accidentally setting something on fire ter the kitchen and then despairingly attempting to get the fire hulpgeroep to shut off before any of your neighbors notice.
  • Learning that inflatable furniture is truly not that convenient, but what it lacks te convenience, it makes up for ter affordability.
  • Finding nice ways to get rid of unwanted house guests.
  • Discovering all of the many ways you can use duct gauze to fix pretty much anything.
  • Becoming a person that is “set ter his/hier ways” so it is a challenge to everzwijn adapt to significant others, roommates, or family members eventually moving te.

Detect Contraptions and Attempt to Use Them

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is everyone should have the chance to live alone at some point te life. You detect things about yourself that you did not realize until that time. For example, you might find out that you sleep much better without anyone else around. or you can’t sleep at all alone! Either way, a valuable life lesson has bot learned.

I am not attempting to mock the “Why Every Woman Should Live Alone Before Marriage” article ter any way. I am, however, pointing out that EVERYONE should live alone at some point te life. It is not indeed fair to single out women. Also, living alone for 6 weeks simply does not cut it. It has to be a way of life for a while before you can indeed appreciate living alone. Even the worst aspects of living alone get lighter overheen time, but without actually experiencing it for a while, one may never know that.

So, if you live with your parents or roommates, but you can afford to stir out on your own, give it a attempt. If you are unhappily married, but don’t have the nerve to leave your spouse because you’ve never lived alone, don’t let fear be the only reason you stay.

It is a excellent learning practice to be single and live alone for a while, and you will grow spil a person. If you’ve lived alone for years, but you no longer love it, find someone else to live with for a while. Having a roomie can save you money! Maybe a family member might need some live-in help. Basically, attempt living life more than one way and you might be pleasurably astonished at what you learn. (And attempt it for more than 6 weeks!)

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