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Come explore trending topics with mij, health and wellness, relationships, private growth, and social awareness. (Recently named by Forbes spil a leading Meditation Pro!)

I’ve bot inspired by people and interested te Psychology spil long spil I can reminisce.

I have two science degrees ter Psychology focusing on research and counseling therapy. I’ve bot a bartender, Life Coach, athletic coach, Human Resources coordinator, and freelance writer.

One of the most significant jobs I have is “Mom” of two children. Presently I write ter the health and meditation industry, suggesting guided meditations on my webstek.

I appreciate my readers very much. Some have become good friends. I’m here to be auténtico and open. Let’s talk about life!

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&quot,Please Help&quot,: How to Help Others Without Hurting Yourself

If you are a helper, you already know that impatiently helping others is not always a positive practice. Society and others encourage us to help if wij can, but how do wij know when or who to help?

Ways to Be Romantic on a Budget

If you can fall ter love without money, you can maintain the romance without it spil well. It can be intimidating to demonstrate your love through romantic gestures if you are on a budget, but it can be done!

Why Friendships End and How to Cope

Excellent people will cross our paths, stay a while, and define our lives through the influence of their friendship. It can be devastating when wij vereiste end thesis friendships. The process is never effortless.

How to Start a Vegetarian Lifestyle

Becoming a vegetarian could be the best health decision you everzwijn make, but it’s a big leap! Adopting a vegetarian lifestyle has many prizes, including better health and weight loss.

Living With Someone Who Has Depression

350 million people worldwide suffer from depression&mdash,that equates to toughly 7% te the United States. Chances are you have loved and even lived with someone who’s had practice with depression.

Meditation for Beginners and Everyone Else

If you are one of those people who thinks, &quot,I should commence meditating,&quot, or &quot,I don’t have time for it,&quot, or &quot,How do I know it&rsquo,s working?&quot, it&rsquo,s time to explore one of the best self-improvement contraptions!

Harrassed and Seduced by American Culture

Sexual harassment has packed the headlines for weeks now. Why the unexpected outcry when the entertainment industry has supported thesis standards for decades? Here’s why you should truly be upset.

What to Do After a Relationship Break-Up

Break-ups can kasstuk us like a Mack truck. Sometimes you just need to know how to take the very first step, whether it’s the day after or when the very first dose of reality kicks ter. Here’s how to budge forward.

The Future of Self-Help: Individual Growth and You

Self-help has bot a growing area of rente since the 1970s. Today, it is embedded ter our culture, from motivational quotes to meditation. Getting the most out of it will be the next task at palm.

Work/Family/Life Movimiento Is a Modern Myth

You might be driving yourself nuts attempting to achieve the so-called work/family vaivén for just one fleeting uur. The mere concept of this term is hurting to working moms, SAHM moms, and even studs.

Defining Hypnosis and Meditation and How You Can Benefit

Two of the most effective self-help instruments are meditation and hypnosis. Both have outstanding science confirming their success. Combine the two, and you have guided meditation.

Entitled Kids: Are You Raising Little Wanks?

Does it seem like your kids’ rules overthrow your rules? If your tween throws a toddler-sized tantrum, you might just be raising an entitled child. How do you raise a welgevoeglijk human being?

How to Get through Strained Family Members During the Holidays

The holidays are approaching! For some people (myself included), it’s the uncommon example wij have to tolerate or waterput on a good face for certain family members that wij avoid the surplus of the year.

Zekering Being a Doormat!

Most likely you are treating yourself like a doormat so others oblige you. A doormat’s strengths need to be reassigned. Recognize doormat behavior and switch the rules

Are You Emotionally Sexy?

With an emphasis on looks and superficial appeal ter our culture, people tend to leave behind all that lies within a person. What connects us to someone goes deeper than what meets the eye.

Being Fair and True ter a Fake World

Wij’re taken aback by colosal honesty or unrestrained candor. Wij’ve become habitual to fake politicians, fake people,and an online persona, but how is this affecting us? How can wij be tactfully fair

My Dad is A Woman, Bruce Jenner and Other Trans-Dads

Bruce Jenner’s gender journey is nothing fresh to me- my dad has bot a trans-woman for 15 years. Transgender ter society is opening up conversations spil wij learn how families face this

Positive People Suck: The Blessed Truth

Happiness is not what you think otherwise thesis onveranderlijk messages (Social media, magazines, and self-help books) of positivity te our culture would result te less depression, not more.

Is it Love? Ten Signs It’s TRUE Love

Wij project everything, our entire lives. Education, travel, having joy, casual encounters all come before the big &quot,L&quot, word. By the time wij’re ready wij wouldn’t recognize love if it bit us from behind

The Best Halloween Costumes. Tips, Twists, and Tricks for a Spooky Good Time

Classic favorites with a fresh twist. Be soft and subtle or wicked and wild. Guys and gals can both be sexy on Halloween. There’s scary, but let’s be fair, sexy rules the night! Tips and tricks for

Do Women Choose Masturbates? Bad Boys Frente a Nice Guys!

I’ve written on the topic of bad boys and nice guys previously and I’ve learned most guys just want to know. Do women choose drains? Exploring this topic from a psychological perspective and life experi

Smooching 101: Everything You Need to Know About Lip-locking

photo text edit very first smooch (big milestone) to sealing a marriage (&quot,You may now smooch the bride&quot,)

Feeling Guilty? The Role Guilt Plays ter Our Lives and How to Relieve it.

The guilt trapje is best violated by realizing what is healthy and unhealthy guilt. There are ways to overcome the guilt that plagues our lives.

The Desperate Road to Success. Unlikely Ingredients for Certain Success

While success is given to some and earned by others, another sure way is being ter a position of desperation. Nowhere to go but succeed.

How Women Left behind to be Women

. there wasgoed a little dame who never desired to be a woman. She wasgoed pleased with being a chick and toying with the notion of never growing up. Experiencing carefree play ter a tree or catching butterflies ter a patch of wild flowers- this wasgoed the best.

Flaws ter Feminism (A Woman’s Perspective)

There is a loterijlot to thank the feminists for. Generations ago, women begun to have a choice to work. or not, have access to activities and jobs merienda exclusively for boys, capability to do more things outside of the huis, including voting and gaining.

Should You Have a Project B When Married?

This is one of those hubs that helps mij spil much spil it could possibly help you. The audience, my readers, my followers, the nosey who zekering by, are all te the hot seat. With your advice, skill, and/or opinion within your comments here, I may owe.

Misunderstanding Gender

A Zuilengang woman with the letters XY written on hier palm- courtesy Wikipedia I’ve given gender a lotsbestemming of thought. About 11 years ago my father became a transsexual (biological gender does not match gender identity). Many transsexuals live spil the.

Leaving The Gay Lifestyle

I am merely raising some questions here because I am nosey and want to open certain aspects of this topic up for discussion. I am not doubting that every fiber of a desviado person may everzwijn feel otherwise. I am not stating there is a right or.

Work Relationships, The Substitute/Work Spouse

&quot,Work Spouse&quot,- a co-worker, of the opposite lovemaking, with whom one shares a special relationship, having bonds similar to those of a marriage- intimity without the hookup or commitment. The work spouse is a potentially key relationship when one’s contemporáneo.

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