ELLLO Views #911 Online Dating

Jonathan explains to Jeff how online dating works and why he should attempt it.

Jeff: What do you mean? Wij just sit at huis and through the rekentuig. Or how do you do that?

Jonathan: No, you don’t have a date through the pc. That would be awful. But, you know, ter the modern world people are rushed . They always don’t have time to go out and meet people. If you only go to kroegen, to attempt to meet people, you’re only meeting a puny percentage of the population: the people who do like to go out and drink and have joy, and so on. You’re cutting yourself off from a loterijlot of people.

Jeff: So how does this work, this online dating? Do I have to pay to use this webpagina?

Jonathan: Oh, there are some sites where you pay and some where you don’t. You can waterput up a profile of yourself, you know, with a picture if you like, or perhaps you would like to stay more anonymous and not waterput your picture up. You can see a loterijlot of basic information about people even before you’re everzwijn ter voeling with them.

Jeff: So, if I’m living ter a city, do I look for dates or women only ter that city?

Jonathan: Well, most of them have search critereas. You can choose within say twenty kilometers or a hundred kilometers. Anyway where te the world if you like? You don’t always find love just around the corner . You might find you have a heck of a lotsbestemming te common with somebody on the other side of the world . But with online dating, people waterput up some information that they are convenient sharing, so you can see what somebody does te their free time, what somebody’s beliefs are, what somebody is interested te finding, so you may find by doing the search that you meet someone that indeed matches up with you that you would be interested te contacting without everzwijn going out to the brochure, or if you just go out and succesnummer the buffet, you may feel a one ter a million slok to meet the right person, whereas online, maybe you can search a million people and you find that right one.

Jeff: Online dating. That sounds good. I’m gonna give it a go.

Ter the modern world people are rushed.

When wij are rushed that means wij feel wij voorwaarde do things rapid. Note the following:

  1. I hate to feel rushed when I am eating.
  2. When students are rushed they make more mistakes.

If you never go out, you’re cutting yourself off from a loterijlot of people.

To be cut off means that wij are incapable to make voeling with others. Note the following:

  1. Living on an island, he wasgoed cut off from the mainland.
  2. At night, he goes huis and cuts himself off from the surplus of the world.

Some people like to stay more anonymous.

When wij are anonymous that means no one knows our name or has any information about us. Note the following:

  1. Wij recieved a letterteken from an anonymous sender.
  2. It is unlikely to be anonymous on Facebook.

You don’t always find love just around the corner.

‘Just around the corner’ is an idiom that means near or coming soon. Note the following:

  1. There is a excellent coffee shop just around the corner.
  2. This area is getting indeed dangerous. A man wasgoed just murdered just around the corner.

You might find you have lotsbestemming ter common with people on the other side of the world.

Here, the word ‘other’ is similar ter meaning to ‘opposite’. Note the following:

  1. Prices are cheaper on the other side of town.
  2. If you are a good swimmer you might be able to swim to the other side of the lake.

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