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Kristin Ballinger

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Transcript of Online Dating vs. Traditional Dating

My Position Statement/Thesis

Online Dating: Pros & Cons

Stepping out of a convenience zone

Possibly finding someone with similar interests

Generally an efficient way to meet fresh friends and potential vrouwen

Slew of available options

Traditional Dating: Pros & Cons

Which Method Indeed Is the Better Choice?

Albeit my findings pointed towards traditional dating being the better choice overall, it truly depends on a person’s specific preferences and exactly what makes him or hier convenient.

To find out the pros and cons of both online and traditional, face-to-face dating

Whether or not an online-based relationship would last longer than one based on meeting ter verdadero life

Why there are more people being drawn to the concept of online dating

MTV television vertoning

Purpose/Inspiration Behind My Topic

Traditional dating- generally the better option

More time to work on establishing a unie with the other person

Being able to physically see that person and be around him or hier on a regular poot

No facial cues or bod language to go off of

Possibility of no physical attraction

Higher level of trust

Deeper connection with the other person

Interaction with someone- watching him or hier ter a different light

Possibility of a long-distance relationship- wanting to overeenkomst with that or not

More expensive spil well

Field Research Method: Survey

Large number of results

Broad range of questions

Going in-depth with answers

Objective wasgoed to build up other people’s insights into my topic

Concentrate of questions:

Which method of dating did each person choose overheen the other?

Joining any dating webstek(s) to meet someone

83% would not be interested ter attempting out a dating webpagina

77% know someone who has used a dating webpagina (overall practice (52%) wasgoed promedio)

All of my respondents would rather choose traditional dating overheen dating online

45% believe online dating is generally a good way to meet other people

42% believe people use online dating sites to find someone long-term or for marriage, while 32% believe the reason is stringently for a hook-up (26% listed other reasons)

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