So I guess i’ts always best to remind yourself not to fall te love with your bestfriend.

What do wij do when a dude friend turns into something more? When feelings of friendship blossom into something more romantic than sharing chuckles and talk of schoolgebouw work?

Wow, thats a good one. Ummm, I had thesis feelings on more then one occassion with people ter my past and didn’t do anything about it. I would then see them with someone else that would whined up hurting them. After that I determined to just for it no matter what, arms out, eyes closed and heart broad open.

I think you should hold out. Sure everyone says friendship turned romance is amazing, but if you guys are friends there is a reason why earlier te your relationship you were attracted. It could just be a fleeting spark. What happens when the enthusiasm dies down, yet you can no longer comeback to friendship? Make sure if you go for it a romance is all you want.

Love is about taking risks, I go with my feelings. The reality is, if you were frineds before you should be able to sustain that friendship te the event of a breakup. Oh this assumes that he has those same feelings for you and isn’t using friendship spil a way to get into your pants!

have a superb time, be crystal clear what it is to you, and go to the Rodeo damsels, bring it I say

&quot,Friendship often completes ter love, but love te friendship – never.&quot,

— Charles Caleb Colton

. where’s lovie. she’ll know what to do.

I would like to share some ideas about it

Well, you have to know him better very first and know what his intention indeed is.

Yes, I agree. Take it very slow because it could backfire!

Are you getting the same vibes from him. or is it just you feeling this way. if it’s mutual, GO FOR IT! It’s better to be friends before you become Paramours. you’ll be comfy with each other on that level. But you’re never going to know unless you take a chance. But only if it’s MUTUAL!

It’s never an effortless situation to be te. More often than not, when the romantic relationship completes, the friendship will never be the same again. So I guess i’ts always best to remind yourself not to fall ter love with your bestfriend. Just my two cents.

My best dude friend wasgoed gay, but wij were soul mates te every way and if he has bot straight, I would have gone for it ter a heart hit. so I say GO FOR IT!

and when you both are ter love feel free to ask him to accomplish your assignments. you will get more time to write love letters to him then

I’m experiencing that with one of my best friends, and I’m hoping that it’ll develop into something. I feel deep, special connection to him that I’ve never felt before and I strongly believe that he’s my spouse.

Remaining freinds is the hardest part of a relationship IMO. It seems that the two of you have figured this part out. Does it indeed make sense not to explore a relationship because you indeed like the fellow? Let mij get this straight, ok? You can’t think of a worse situation to be te than commencing a relationship with a stud that truly likes you and respects you and you feel the same way about him?. What could you possibly be thinking considering putting yourself ter that position? Peace, best of luck, and have some joy. It’s worth it ter the long run.

Ms. W, if the two of you are indeed best friends you should be able to have a conversation. Tell the boy how you feel and get his opinion on it. The sooner you do this the lighter it will be to accept it if you remain just friends. It might also permit you to do so. The longer you wait the more you risk getting your hopes up if it doesn’t work out. That translates into a thicker heart ache. BTW my track record ter relationships is 0 for 1. Take everything I say with a grain of salt, ok?.

well for example it all depends on whether or not u truly like this fellow. what i would do is that it becomes more special u should talk to him about it and tell him u guys cant budge any further into a relationship unless u come to an orkestratie to stay friends no matter what. ive had a loterijlot of friendships get ruined with guys because i hadnt come to orkestratie with them before mitt now im still good friends with most of my exes.

I am old fashioned ter this regard, inasmuch spil I believe that how people commence out is how they will be. I spil a woman have to maintain cálculo ter my relationships of either gender. Meaning that if I have an attraction for a man, I know it right away, because I attempt to feel people out when I meet them. Especially boys, because I need to know what it is that they want, friendship or otherwise. This way, there are no mistakes or hurt feelings straks. This does not always work for mij, but most times it does. I have two best friends, one is a Stud whose friendship I have liked for overheen 30 years. Using this spil an example, perhaps it wasgoed because of the timing that our friendship blossomed, but I could never see him spil anything more than a Brother, and I believe that he feels the same way about mij. But that is how wij began out, so that is how wij will be, ter my eyes. If he everzwijn came with a program which is anything different than that, I would totally offended, and turned off. If he everzwijn vocalized that feeling to mij, I would very likely not want to be his friend anymore, especially after 30 years has passed, and I have not had that feeling for him. I would most likely ask him not to call mij anymore.

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