Trans-gender Pastors

Could a person who is a trans-gender ie. a man who became a woman, or a woman who became a man, become a parish predikant and if yes would they have to and should they have to expose the fact that they are trans-gender? Does it matter what they were, or does it matter who they are?

Surely what matters is who they are? If they are spiritual, well-balanced and know the job, does it matter about what gender bod they inhabit or how they attained that gender?

CMHypno: I agree with you fully.

I believe the term is called &quot,strange skin&quot.

If a person is spiritual, and certainly led by the Spirit, their gender choice would not be aloof to their natural creation.

Staying on topic lol-good luck with that.

other areas include sexual depravity, nymphomania, gender interchanging, pedophilia, etc. –even without surgical alteration. The argument presents the case: &quot. because of spiritual dryness or discord, the natural tendency of an individual is offset, perhaps causing thesis outward switches –subtle or extreme, hostile or non-violent, aggressive or repressive against themselves or a single –even a group– of other individuals. &quot,

Spil it has bot explained to mij, someone who is trans-gender people were people who were not glad ter the hookup they were for whatever the reason and after much time of soul searching have determined to switch from one to the other theirfore I would not say they were confused any more. I therefore feel this is not an kwestie.

Should they expose the switch tho’ or should they be seen spil they show up now without any revelation of their past life ter a different hook-up than they now emerge?

Perhaps this is a matter inbetween Godheid and the person themselves ,at least originally.

usually the person applying to be Predikant their spiritual standing, practice and character would come into question but this might not question their sexiness one would see a woman or a man and usually assume either is spil seen not spil what wasgoed before. Regardless of this should the candidate be forthcoming and expose it? They are now spil perceived and what is past is past.

I think Dave Matthews response to this postbode is right on the money.

The only addition to it that I would make is if you think pastors are incapable of doubt or confusion, you don’t know any of them very well. They are like anyone else, and go through seasons of greater and lesser faith spil they go through life. The only difference is they hold on and rail the sways of insight spil they are exposed and alternately hidden.

This is of course the best case screenplay. I have known many to be. less than savory people. Spil with any other profession, sometimes you get the bad ones.

Yep why not ..Godheid is glad when the dead minister to the dead.

that’s not right kess –funny, but so not right.

Have you notice the dead will always have the dead with them for they are one. what else there is to except to minister one to the other.

I agree with you, it wasgoed just funny how you said it.

The dead have no company but the dead, the vensterluik no company but the vensterluik. The pic that popped ter my head wasgoed a bunch of pirate skeletons talking to each other overheen a very aggressive spel of cards and rum. That’s why I laughed.

If you can go through the identity keerpunt that a transgendered person does, and come out with compassion and understanding for humanity without bitterness, then I’d wish that all transgendered people were counselors, pastors, and those who help humanity find themselves.

This is a truly excellent question. I believe trans-gender to be an kwestie of confusion within the person it affects. The cause or reasons of that confusion, I admit I am largely ignorant of, but I believe so is everyone else, all opinions on the matter be they deeply experienced or not, are still just opinion.

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